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if there is no Owen world

July 22nd, 2020

So not in its long-term planning, the other second point is that Celtic’s essence is good. Its essence is excellent performance of last season. It can also be seen that if there is no Owen world, then Celtic’s ranking can be improved by dog urine disease. In fact, it is one or two in the East, so its essence is good, and the foundation is very good. It’s not that all the credit for winning these games is based on the fact that South Korea can’t say that. Hayward is just a phenomenon. The level performance is short and very short. If not, there are players on his back who can catch up with him last season.

It’s on the bench. At the beginning of this season, I’ll get the main players to answer and try. That’s all. As we said in the previous programs, ah, when it comes to the Celtic warriors who lost, the Celtics can actually make some changes this season. For example, Celtic can take Jerome Brown’s home. In Shanghai, there is no need to pack up and hand over an all-star player, an all star player, a real All-Star player, Hayward. Now this contract is a poison contract. I’m not talking about the judgment we made on him before the injury and before the break of the hand, plus the club’s old value.

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