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George’s comeback

July 21st, 2020

We, in July and August, oh, our program in February last year, the program in February this year, right? I once said, ah, at the beginning of the season, ah, the plan of the Laker team is that the three giants are the foundation, and the goal is that if there are three giants, we can win the championship. Now, although we have not. I said, ah, at the beginning of the season, I didn’t say, pants, waistcoat, Ingram, plus two, signed to change. It was a huge amount, right? Then the Lakers were still in the doldrums. I don’t know, in the end, the Los Angeles team is not willing to take, take or refuse to accept, anyway, the deal is yellow, there is a chance in the back, take, Anthony Davis, nonsense ha, four young players all Soha, go to change Anthony Davis, I said to change quickly, make sure you don’t lose, make sure you don’t lose.

I don’t believe it. In the end, it’s a waste of the running in period of Anthony Davis for half a year. In fact, it’s not very important whether the team has pants or not, right? In summer, you can take No.14, the first four can also change for a pair of pants, and the number four can change for a pair of pants, No.4. Is that right? Similar to players, right? Well, so now you come back to the deal and prove our judgment is correct, right? The Lakers have reached the first place in the Western Conference. It’s almost right. How about these young players. Breaking up is good, but it still needs time. We say it needs time. Moreover, the skin is really bad. He can’t cultivate a good player. It’s very difficult

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