Make Sportswears On Your Own

After watching MLB here, you can even eat authentic hot pot immediately

June 19th, 2020

New York, the most populous city in the United States, is an international metropolis with great influence on the global economy, commerce, finance, media, politics, education and entertainment. It is one of the necessary cities to visit the United States. From the famous statue of liberty, Wall Street, Broadway, the Empire State Building, to the Metropolitan Museum, the natural history museum and the times square, all kinds of scenic spots show you a colorful New York City from different angles. Today, I takes you to visit New York from another perspective to see the baseball culture of the city.

When it comes to New York, you must think of the baseball cap with the character NY. That’s the New York Yankees cap. The New York Yankees are the most successful team in MLB history, both in terms of performance and business. The new Yankee Stadium is located at the former site of macombs dam Park in the Bronx District of New York. Once completed, the stadium has become one of the most expensive stadiums in the world. With a value of up to 1.5 billion US dollars (about 10.6 billion RMB), the new Yankee Stadium is worthy of the New York Yankees team, which has been built for more than one hundred years, won the league’s 27 world championship at most, and has the title of “team of America”.

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