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In the absence of Simmons and in the absence of one game

April 21st, 2021

It’s very difficult for you to win three rounds in the finals and four rounds in the championship in the playoffs. Let’s talk about this topic later. If you have a chance, you can talk about it slowly, because you need to see the performance of the whole series.

Well, the sample is too small, the data is too small, one is too small, not enough. Er, there is a more important game today, that is, the 76ers and the 76ers play against the Hornets. If you remember correctly, now I see that the two-point goal of 103 is still the last two seconds compared with 105. He actually won or not. Let’s talk about the problem of Fu son. Now, in the absence of Simmons and in the absence of one game, he is self-confident.

The average number of assists per game is only 3.3. I have a look at it. It’s actually quite low. It’s also relatively low that you get 3.3 around Simmons. Low, very low, Fu Erzi, the athlete, I personally think it’s just playing so far, no longer the champion. Er, maybe this remark is a bit sharp. I personally think it’s a very serious problem, even if we compare Simmons to James.

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