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This kind of possibility or operation is more difficult

April 7th, 2021

In the short term, it can’t achieve the ideal effect, ah, if you dig out one or two players from the pair and can bring the Rockets to a new height, pull them out of the mire, then neither of these two players is very likely, that’s not good. It’s very likely that it’s a substitute for Ariza. It’s another template from Alishan. It’s amazing. Then you have to reduce it to two. You really picked up two bags. So, I don’t think the probability is very small. It’s impossible to reach 3%. The more you can’t get it, the better you should look for in the middle of the season. Trade, er, make some time combat effectiveness. Of course, this kind of possibility or operation is more difficult, because most good teams in the league are hoarding good food. For example, if you want to achieve good results in your team, you have to have more or higher quality in these three positions. One of these two routines, power and wave, is playing. The position of the third position can be up, down and go, right? Yes, it can fill any vacancy. It is one.

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