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Now it seems that 30 games can’t save the Rockets

March 27th, 2021

The problem with the Rockets now is the structure, not a certain player. Ah, it’s not so good. It’s not because of harden’s problem, it’s not because of the network.

Kabela and so on are caused by the structure of the team. Well, this earth shaking change will come back. Only the last one can be made. Egypt’s success story, ah, now it seems that 30 games can’t save the Rockets, and they don’t play any new routines and new models.

Let him talk about it as soon as he goes on today. A friend asked how the Rockets can save themselves and how to change themselves, if only from the existing players. Well, let’s talk about it. It’s also a theory and an argument. It needs time to verify that today’s game between the rockets and the Jazz hasn’t started yet.

Well, I’ve seen the list of players, that is, Paul harden, Gordon and mark. Anti fatigue, ah, is the mode of three defenders. Look at this mode. Well, I personally think we can try to play more games. Let’s see how big brother’s five games and eight games have a try. But I personally think, because last season was a successful season, it’s more difficult to copy last season.

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