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The playoffs so quickly after trading

March 26th, 2021

In this ranking, ah, so he is now, er, the star of the Clippers. It can be said that he is the star of the Clippers. Right? Harris also performs very well. His ability of averaging 20 plus per game, er, it can be said that he also lays the foundation for such a good result of the Clippers this year. It’s amazing that the company returned to the playoffs so quickly after trading Paul and Griffin last year.

It can be said that the hall has already said that, um, it’s not easy, er, it has received a miraculous effect. The level of rivers is still a little bit, a little bit, not as bad as we thought. We have been saying that among these players, we can now say, James Durant, curry, harden, weishao and so on.

By the quality of the fans, well, personally speaking, in terms of the quality of the fans in KULI, well, the age is low, the demand is low, the forest is low, a lot of comments are a little childish, er, I mean some mentally disabled fans, it can be clearly seen that, ah, it lies in some articles.

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