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If other teams want to form the big three

March 6th, 2021

Ka, Pera, and Gordon, the bundle is called a contract of more than 30 million yuan, so they can give it reluctantly. However, if other teams want to form the big three, it must be such a choice. If you go to see the contract of 20 million yuan, it can’t appear in the Laker team. Whatever you do, trade, whatever you lack of money, free agent, this kind of player is impossible to appear.

In addition, the commentary also said in the game, ah, there is also a point that coincides with us, that is, what we are doing now is panic. We did the show of the last two days, ah, the Laker told these young people. Yeah, he’s really hurt. He’s also hurt. If he plays well, he has to be traded. Everyone is in danger. Ah, that’s what the following game is like. I believe James is smart.

He must see this. Anthony Davis, if the trade fails, we’ll put chemistry here. Er, James. It’s possible, ah, 70% or even higher, it’s possible to come out and make public comments. Of course, it won’t be clearly pointed out, it must be implied, ah, these players should also play well, ah, fly, take their job seriously, ah, have a job.

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