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It’s not like the organization that can score super points now

February 26th, 2021

In the league, how many players can, get 10 assists, 10 assists, excellent guards? Very, very good guards can get 10 groups. Organization type, ah, non dual energy guards, well, it’s not like the organization that can score super points now. Er, let’s put this aside, super scoring organization aside, if we don’t brush the assists, we won’t take the one assist as our own responsibility.

This is called triple double. I want to say that it’s called triple double. Wei Shao’s 30 plus 10 plus 1030 points is the scoring champion. The data of the house, 30 points, you go to have a look.

Nearly 20 years later, in the era of Jordan, how many people got 30 points, how many people got the top score? Is it difficult for me to get familiar with it? I’ll have two 70 years with you. You know, ah, and it’s a record breaking career of more than 70 years, but there are more than 70 seasons, more than 70 seasons. Dao, Robertson, that’s not one season, or two seasons. I can’t remember, right? Wei Shao doesn’t smile.

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