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We said that the 76ers didn’t have any overall strength

February 18th, 2021

The first game we talked about was 7 people vs. nets. It’s a normal series. It’s a normal series. The first game, right? We said that the 76ers didn’t have any overall strength.

In the end, losing to the nets, this kind of thing, the series hit four, even if the 76ers lost, this is what we said, this is its absolute advantage, he should not say right, but we also said at the same time, you should not think that the nets will be swept 4-0, we have not said that, if we have not said that. In the case of planning, if we don’t do the show, we’ll turn it off now, right? We’ll say goodbye to you. Right? In the playoffs, what’s the meaning of no weak team, no weak team?

You don’t expect every series to be able to, ah, the Warriors will be 4-0. Do you seldom go to the Clippers? We, for example, play ten games. Let’s face it. The 76ers are eight to two. I think, ah, if the game is protracted, it’s eight to two. Well, the absolute advantage should be ten to zero. If you dare to bet ten BP, I want to ask you whether it is right.

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