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A five-year career has a long way to go

February 9th, 2021

They can’t do all the other things. Of course, we have to say that it’s not impossible to stay in raptors. But you have to consider many practical problems. A five-year contract means that you have to stay in a five-year contract. A five-year career has a long way to go. How many, five years, and even their own career, the Raptors can give, zero, what additional value is there?

We know that if we go to Los Angeles, or even New York, or the clippers, or the Lakers, it’s a kind of added value promotion. It’s really a fight, it’s a fight, it’s a quantitative change, so these problems should be considered. So what has left behind in the Raptors? With honor, trust and the love of the fans, there is no problem. Will there be other teams? There will also be the problem of more or less. In the Raptors’ view of the intangible living cost of leaving home in foreign cities, there are many problems.

These are invisible, life and cost. Finally, we have to say, well, we always tell you that the team is a capitalist, not a philanthropist. He is not necessarily good to you today and tomorrow. You, including Derozan before, are reluctant to leave the Raptors.

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