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The best of the month also shows the problem

November 7th, 2020

Good Wes Haden can’t play. Paul George Leonardo is injured, right. Then he can go out to the west to play the finals. You can see that his ability is really verifiable. The best of the month also shows the problem. Of course, you can say what you say about this.

Where is better than James together, and where is James inferior to things? It is not obvious that we should say that James is old now. Right, he is powerless. You want him to play him and he can play it, but he doesn’t want him to focus on playing the playoffs regular rules better. He just had to give the award to Anthony Davis and Anthony Davis.

What Anthony Davis lacks is that he is the second core team in the team. So the boss doesn’t reach the prize. Your data is not enough to beat the boss. You can play better. 40 games have been recorded, but this award won’t move ghosts. So the boss and the second in the team still have the exact grade. Remember the Clippers are the same. Do you know who you are? Do you know what you said.

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