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The East should be the fifth and sixth position

November 6th, 2020

No one is willing to, so now we ask Paul to play as much as possible to play a good score as much as possible to reflect his own value, so it is possible to make a transaction. Right, hand over a comparative Heat team, and then we will talk about the heat team. In fact, he has problems. You see, after today’s game, he has fallen.

The East should be the fifth and sixth position. Ah, if I’m right, I’m sorry to correct it. I look back at the third position in the East, but you can see that the fourth, fifth and sixth are very close to it. It’s only about a game of ball, er, a half court game. So you have to say what kind of heat he is. It’s not easy to say that there are many players in this team. There are many players whose contracts are expired.

So these players play hard and work hard, and there are excellent players like Jimmy Butler, because of the player. Playing, very hard, and she also asked his players to run as well as he did. We came back, so for the thunder team, the ideal result of this season is Paul’s excellent performance, leading the thunder team to ninth and tenth position. Don’t touch some players in the playoffs.

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