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The player suffering from injuries is also old.

November 5th, 2020

Ah, it’s not to say that the team in the division after work can be turned if you want to. The probability is very small, minimum, minimum, but because of Morris’s betrayal, bris’s betrayal has caused indirect losses to the Spurs. Carroll’s ball can only be said. Come on the bench to supplement. It doesn’t play a big role. You can see that he is also full of wounded soldiers now.

The player suffering from injuries is also old. In the first quarter, the collective purpose is to supplement the third tail, which is not typical, but Morris is is. I’m in New York now. I’m in New York. I’m in the center of 15 million. I’ve played such luxurious data and played such luxurious data. One of them is now.

You can imagine that the sick rate will increase by three points, and the shooting rate will increase by 20. Take it, with an annual salary of 15 million at an ultra-low level of 15 million, we said that bris is not a panacea or a savior, but it is too important for the Spurs. He is short of personnel in this position, the guard line, the mail? Now the landing war will play to the front line position, so the guards are these.

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