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It’s really hard to say how much I have

October 27th, 2020

It’s also about the recent spurs. This, the fierce war is strong, the team state is very good, so there are a lot of Spurs fans, recovery, leave us a message, what is venereal disease or more? Did we do it in front of us, the number of fans in these programs increased dramatically, ah, many fans friends added my personal wechat, thank you. It seems that the fans still have to please him. If not, I will apologize a few more times. Ah, I and these fans friends have offended these fans. One by one, they have apologized to win their understanding.

And their support and attention, OK, FA, what did you say in the past? A lot of fans asked him whether Marx could do with the economy, whether he could play or not in the playoffs. I told you, ah, it’s OK to play seriously and play well. For example, this game is tomorrow, grizzlies vs. spurs. In this game, grizzlies give up one point at home. In other words, the Spurs Grizzlies let a point against the Spurs. Well, what do you think of the ball?

It’s a game of life and death. It’s not me, but I live or you die, right? Then I must be angry. It’s not me. Live is you. So it’s a game of life and death. Put it all together, the ball, every day, more than ten games a day have been analyzed. I’m really tired. I feel that the workload is unprecedented. It’s complicated.

It’s really hard to say how much I have. But I have to say as much as I can. That is to say, in the group, to help everyone to achieve their wishes. Well, the ball is that I think no matter who wins or loses, I’m sure it’s the Spurs. Right, this ball is that many friends think that some conspiracy theories, or the Spurs’ ones, always do something unclear. You understand, conspiracy theory is the Spurs, but I think.

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