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But if you can’t get the MVP of the regular season

October 23rd, 2020

But if you can’t get the MVP of the regular season, it’s not like Leonard. In fact, the fans also have to accept this point. For example, for such a player, you just think it’s good. Sister, you can’t be the best in history, so it’s necessary for a few people who can’t become a grand slam.

The conditions, so, er, no, crazy, I think so. Now, with the observation, even the moral fans, ah, this is a lot of black. I look at it like this. I can see it clearly.   I don’t think there will be many fans when it’s cold. Well, there will be a few. Nanchong and AI Fen must have some, and there are many people who like Lillard, right? Follow and build Dade for many years, so there must be some.

However, most of them, ah, I think it’s still the winning honey   the newspaper group went to this. To get this camp, ah, so whether Leonard can become an excellent player, a super first-class player, first of all, you have to win the MVP, now 28 years old and 29 years old. It’s very difficult, ah, very difficult. Don’t think it’s an easy thing to win the MVP. Look at the opposite Kunbo.

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