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This is the two advantages of the seven man team to beat the Bucks

October 22nd, 2020


His dominant body, now enbid’s inner strength and core position, this is unshakable. Then, the second advantage, he is also a big team, and his defense is also very good. This is the two advantages of the seven man team to beat the Bucks, and the two advantages of the bucks in the 76ers. That, also, into a two-and-a-half disadvantage, this way, fight down that is, who is good to play, who is more hard to play well, this is a second is about how to defend, bucks is you do not have a great advantage, then how do you believe it. Spider, because he is attacking you, and fighting with her, there is no way out for the bow to fight against her. It’s a dead end. For example, with missiles, you have to fight with missiles.

Of course, you can fight with missiles. Yes, this is no problem. I don’t think you can take the second way, right? If you want to rely on him to defend, it’s useless. It’s better for you to defend against him. Let’s talk about it later. Missiles are still talking about bears today. So you should have the ability to hold down the score and defend him, because his advantages are too obvious. You can’t do all these things well in the triathlon.

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