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At least the personnel pay more attention to it

October 20th, 2020

At my request, let’s say that a program about today’s Laker versus Celtics game, ah, we didn’t say or do any analysis last night, mainly based on this reason. Because it’s the first game, I don’t know. To be honest, I really don’t know who wins and who loses against the Celtics. Before the game, I don’t know whether Anthony Davis will play or not.

Moreover, I don’t know whether to recover from injury. I don’t know if the Lakers will win or not. I don’t know if they will win. However, the final score, can play like this, the aftereffect, in fact, is not too big, too big, there is no too much significance, including Celtic team is the same, before Walker also repair a little time a few times, how he was before, also repaired, never to be able to play the game seems not to say, um.

These three people, Walker, through me and Jerome brown, before this game, we also expected that there should be someone else who was absent from Chen Yi’s play. Unexpectedly, the two teams are all main force coefficients, so it seems to be a comparison.

Well, at least the personnel pay more attention to it, but I didn’t say that it did not play. Oh, there was no observation object in the East, there was no such Laker team in the East, and there was no such Celtic team in the West. So, after all, I don’t know who wins and who loses. If you play in the finals. I, there will be an accurate prediction, I want to see how the two sides come out of the state, where are the advantages, this can be said to be analyzed, the war spirit is not very strong, James must take Anthony Davis to shoot the Celtics.

Is it necessary for the Celtics team to block the Lakers, is it necessary? He is the East. The team in the West feels like a feud. Well, actually speaking, I don’t think there is a big battle between the two teams. The most important thing for the Lakers is to keep healthy. The first one is the Celtics.

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