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Which means he has the ability to be not so strong

October 19th, 2020

He can play in five seasons with a healthy attendance rate of 72 or more than 72 games every season. A healthy, proof performance, cutting is a healthy standard. If you can play 72 teams, 82 games, you can play 72 of them, so you can say that you are basically healthy this season. If you play 72 games in this game every season, you can even reach 60 goals in 65 games.

So you, this season, must be unhealthy. In five seasons, I don’t believe he can reach the three points of the peripheral long-distance casting according to this weight. Let’s look at it first. Now, but he can put in four points, which means he has the ability to be not so strong. Unlike Simmons, it is different to never vote for one. I have been running to the League for so many years, and I am not young enough to enter the league. It is not a rookie.

Right. I don’t think one of them will vote. There is a problem. Ah, at least Williamson’s knowledge of this problem is OK. At least he has a head. If we eat him, we must be sure that he will know his technology and then we can practice it slowly. It doesn’t matter how to lose weight.


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