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the Raptors are also very confused

September 19th, 2020

I also have a little bit of difference is that Xiaojia and valenshunas have reached a deal. This transaction, ah, revealed a signal, revealed a signal, what signal is, the Raptors have a large flow this summer. The possibility is very small. The possibility of a large flow of preparation is very small. But the Raptors are also very confused about their plan to leave Leonard this summer. This kind of operation can only be realized when the future is not optimistic. Now, there are more than 30 million tickets. If you add 30 million yuan to Lori’s, you have to sign 400 million pieces. Most of the contracts with two hundred million yuan in five years can’t be escaped. So 7788 adds up to 100 million yuan. We say that the salary cap is 110 million yuan, and the luxury tax should be more than 120 million yuan, that is to say, there are still 20 million.

The contract should be, super luxury tax, salary cap, no top, because Lori must have Byrd, which needs to be increased and won, and then, er, there should be twists and turns in this volume. If we don’t go ahead, we will definitely sign three 30 million yuan. We will not talk about it, right. However, it must pay the super luxury tax. If the super luxury tax is not triggered, it should not be over 40 years old in the past two years, but it will not trigger the super luxury tax. Then, it will only have 20 million salary space in the case of no wage cap

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