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MLB president hinted that 2020 season could be cancelled. A week ago, he said that 100% can play

June 24th, 2020

On June 16, MLB president rob Manfred said he had no confidence in 2020. He believes that unless talks with the MLB players’ union can be resumed, the threat of season cancellation will remain.

In ESPN’s “sports return” special, Manfred told host Mike Greenberg that he took back what he said on the station last week. At that time, he announced that there would be MLB games this year, and he could guarantee that, and in the future, he insisted that the possibility of the season is 100%.

Asked today if he had confidence in the return of the season, Manfred replied: “I’m not so confident now. I feel the threat of season cancellation, and it’s real. As long as there is no dialogue between MLB and mlbpa, the threat will continue. “

In addition, according to the Los Angeles Times today, the president’s office told the players’ Union today that the League will not start scheduling unless the players give up the right to apply for a hearing against the boss for violating the March agreement in the future.

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