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the Rockets were behind in April

August 27th, 2020

The Rockets, warriors, ah, let’s not talk about it. These two teams have the ability to instantly open the score gap, or close or contrast or open. Right, it doesn’t matter when they fall behind. You don’t have to worry. In fact, we said last season that the Rockets were behind in April and may. Eight points is very good to worry about. Is there something wrong with him? In 40 minutes of a single quarter, you go over our program last year. That’s what we said, right? I just talked about the ability of 40 points in a single quarter. We said that in the game of 50 points in a single quarter, we said that 40 points in a single quarter was a common occurrence last season.

This, the season seems to be a little less, because the main, Guanghua has been captured by this hadenso, ah, we all go to see how many points harden has scored today, but the offensive ability of the Rockets is still, put here, because harden is excellent, not right. Then the Rockets are the same. There is a 40 point ability in a quarter, right. So, ah, the situation is very dangerous. Ah, the Jazz are living in a very, very dangerous situation. Ah, the rate is about 4:0 to take away directly. The Jazz team, er, we have to say, ah, the Rockets have suffered from the Jazz for so many years. This year, or even two years, I think it is zero. Dai Li, the old and the new hatred are all written off, ah, four to zero sweep, the jazz, then we and the Jazz team, the new hatred and old hatred, never again.

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