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Also lost the future!

August 26th, 2020

Why three doubles is not three doubles. It’s because of the data. Every day I want to go. I have to cut three doubles to play in the playoffs, right? Three win-win? Is there a game? 29 points, 11 boards, 14 assists. Gorgeous data ah, what data? James is the data. Amsterdam Fashion can win, Wei Shao’s triple double is about to lose. Smile at you. You are not born to be such a person. Your ability is not to play triple doubles. You are going to cut the peak. Look at the high score and kill the opponent. This is the essence of wechat business. If he doesn’t learn any lessons, he deserves to lose. Well, thunder deserves it, and wechat business deserves it. He is 31 years old in 1988, and he will be in this state next year. Ah, can we still play like this in the future? We are the same in our eyes. Yes, criticism, and thunder team, help me choose us. Suppose the pioneers, imagination, etc. are really under bad pressure, and they are really very good in our previous programs. Ah, when we talk about the pioneers, we will talk about Lina’s case. In fact, we don’t mean that we are wise after the event to praise Lillard. When we talk about the pressure, we will talk about it.

This, the role is very, very cruel role, you see, Michael and Lillard two personal level, almost, you also score the ability is similar, but why Michael and Lillard, the gap is so big, ah, the gap is so big, the brother is also very good, this condition is also very good, you cultivate is also the absolute core of the team.

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