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August 25th, 2020

Ready to begin to appreciate the clippers, how to overturn the warriors, the confrontation is also stolen, ah, cast a vote for two, ah. From the beginning of preparation to enjoy, have a look, find a way for the Rockets, how to say, well, even if they find a way, the Rockets do not necessarily have such players or such configuration to deal with, ah, so I personally think it is most important to play their own match well in each series. After watching a episode, Reeves poured chicken soup into his heart again. Ah, after playing the game, he and his teammates were in the dressing room, shaking their arms and shouting. Br br br what do you mean? Be ourselves, Zou, do us at noon. We are ourselves.

It’s different from what we said, ah, different. Wei, Shao has to say, thunder, Wei Shao wants to be true. I want to be myself, right? Well, I don’t mention it. Why are the fans sad and sad? Ah, the first superstar to leave. In the past, ha, let’s talk about this advantage. Yes, well, if you look at what we said, it’s true. You watch a few programs, from the morning till now, there are not many people who hit us in the face. No, almost no, say, hit us in the face, right. You, don’t say, warriors 4:1, clippers, it’s a matter of course, join hands to advance, right? No one beat you, we just look for things to attack, our come to black, we hit our face is the warriors fans. To be more precise, the precise positioning is the low-level and low-quality brain powder in KULI. I already think it’s very clear. Ah, it’s all minors. If you’re still hacking us after the age of 18, you’re a minor.

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