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there are rumors that the ratings

August 24th, 2020

It’s a wise decision to give Middleton 70 million yuan in four years to bradeso in four years, 70 million yuan in four years, bradeso, and netizens have just left us a message saying that the salary cap is rising every year, four years, 7000, and 17.5 million yuan a year is not expensive. It can reach 1850 next year, right? 1900 in the next year and 20 million in the fourth year. It can’t be said that this year is 16 million, next year 1700, 7800 and then 1900, right? The average is 17.5 million and now 1600. It’s not expensive to have a meal. Er, there are rumors that the ratings are very poor this year. Of course, we don’t know about the situation when we play in the finals. Now, you don’t have to listen to it, because what’s the ratings in the final. I don’t know how much revenue, and ah, the main assets and the main revenue have been fixed. Ah, this kind of broadcasting right is fixed every year, how much should it be, so it is only in other uncertain income.

There will also be ups and downs of the vibration, right, but it has not said that the NBA has never said that we have never heard of, that the wage cap only rises but does not fall. I have not heard of this matter. Then, if the wage cap continues to remain unchanged or is slightly small next year. Under such circumstances, what should we do? After all, you have sent out 70 million yuan in the past four years, and you can’t take back the water poured out during the four years. Therefore, I personally think that the 70 million yuan in four years has been given to Bradshaw. It’s very difficult to look at the contract. Let’s see, the game verifies our statement by the competition.

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