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the core point of the 76ers team

August 22nd, 2020

Strong suppression, under the circumstances, ah, yes, in the case of Xiaojia, we have also said that Xiaojia has defensive volume, ah, withstanding the details of the NBA. As we have said in previous programs, we will not repeat here, the same as today’s game, well, Peter did not. Any, advantage, ah, but some netizens asked, did not have the advantage, then, how to do, ah, want to suppress is not suppressed, how to do, how to still so big, this can’t you also, how to do, because embid is ah, is the core point of the 76ers team, if you don’t play. If Peter can still play, what makes people sigh is 60000. Ah, it’s also very distressing and embarrassing. If you don’t play, NBA, your team’s advantage is here. If you don’t play or you can’t play, then what can you do. Well, of course, I think Simmons, ah, embid is still a very excellent athlete. After playing this year, I think he is the first center in the league. Ah, there is nothing to say. We have to achieve now, ah, the so-called Tang poetry, ah, the so-called Tang poetry playoffs.

No, I can’t answer. I don’t want the data. Right? I don’t want this score. I don’t have a record. I don’t think it’s good or bad. Its owner is right. It’s good to have a look at Yue Ji. Come on, big one

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