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First change!

August 20th, 2020

The Bucks’ tactical core point is on the mainland, right? When your machine comes, it’s the same, right. This tactical core point has been strengthened. I now put the two core points together, which is called the tactical core point. As long as the tactical core is not the team core, not the team player core, the absolute core of the player is, er, self binding, and the team with poor self breakthrough can not play well. Who wants the truth? Then, how can the child do well? That is, if you want to hide under the basket, I can’t escape. I can’t throw it. I’ll just go into you. If you want to cringe inside, I’ll practice projection. I’ll practice middle distance. OK, I’ll make a sentence. Anyway, I don’t want all the rebounds. I can’t get them when I get to the basket, right? I’ll give you Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya, right? Break through, break through, break through the middle distance, break through the free throw line and stop at the middle distance. Well, that’s it. It’s a simple way, right? But I don’t.

Say ah, this dialectical is too early. Before this moment, it may be wrong. It has been wasted and can’t afford to lose. I’m afraid that zero to two is right. You have to take these weapons early. Ah, there is no secret. At the same time, it’s a sign of weakness. I’ll hold it. But if, in the case of success, the running shoes of the mainland and the United States, in fact, I think it means that no matter who can take care of the insurance, then he may not be able to defend this kind of defense, the chain type defense zone and the joint defense. I think it’s too early. According to the Bucks’ individual ability, the overall strength of the team has not reached this stage

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