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Atlanta Falcon General Manager: the team must be better

June 22nd, 2020

Two consecutive seasons of 7-9 record makes Atlanta Falcon bear great expectation and pressure in the new season.

For general manager Thomas dimitroff, it’s not news and he hasn’t shied away from expectations.

“There are high expectations in the new season,” Dimitrov said in an interview. “Everyone knows that. No one avoids that. So do Dan and I. “

The Falcon, who is hoping to get out of two consecutive seasons of poor performance, changed their squad during the off-season of this year. Dimitrov believes these changes allow the Falcon to perform better.

“I feel like we’re definitely getting better,” Dimitrov said. “Of course, we lost some very good players.”

The Falcon last entered the playoffs in 2017. Dimitrov thinks the squad is good enough, but they need to find a way to win.

“I do believe it’s a very talented team,” Dimitrov said. “We need to continue to grow together as a team. We need to continue to work together to maintain stable performance and work together. “

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