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July 31st, 2020

The curtain of the 2019-2018-19 season has come to an end, and all the six awards have been sorted out. We didn’t know much about them yesterday. Let’s put it down. It suddenly occurred to me that several NBA awards have not been moved. Ah, a knife. The 191 season has not been completely finished. I made a program about the candidates and results of the six awards. Ah, it doesn’t affect the weight. I failed to live up to our expectations. Ah, I said six kinds of five wrong. Tom and Russell, I personally think that it’s worthy to be seen in Xi’an, so to speak, need to, Tom, the athlete, er, when the season started in September and October last year, we appreciated and hoped that the fans would pay more attention to it. There are more than 900 programs for all of them, and others can listen and hope to pay more attention.

Attention, for these players, young players can play out, there are not many players with superstar and superstar potential in the future, but these two are backup candidates, one thing, one thing, and one person who won the award for the fastest improvement player in time. I don’t think Lhasa will be competitive enough in the future. We’ll talk about it later. The book may lose, ah, the ranking is too high. Everyone expects too much from him. Well, this progress is not as good as people think. Well, we need Kam. It’s really for fans and friends to share the feeling of the guests and the media. So congratulations. Seattle is easy to read. There was no big problem with other awards in the past. Ah, keep it, and be consistent

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