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July 29th, 2020

Let’s take a look at all the transactions today. Ah, most of the education and the education that we pay attention to. Let’s talk about it briefly. Ha, there are right and wrong things. Some friends told me that you should have done it at that time. The second choice is, each player gives two choices, then you are all right. However, we can’t do this. Ah, we can’t do this. We’d rather take the risk of being beaten in the face. Er, we should also elaborate personal views. In fact, basically, I have already. Basically, it’s in place. Ah, in the end, some of them are consistent with my ideas, right? There are also some that are different from my ideas. Well, first of all, ah, Thomson, Liu Yong is successful, ah, no problem, right? Durant, because Durant is still on Durant’s problem.

Personally, I think we should stay in the warriors. Now we’ve gone to the nets to get out of the body. Ah, but when we hit the goal, I didn’t have any friends. Our friends said you should add that. The nets are likely to win Durant and Owen. Since you believe that Durant and Owen can be together, you should add this choice, right? We have also added this choice before. We also said in our program that Owen can’t influence Durant’s decision. It must be his own decision. I don’t believe Owen

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