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The second one is to hold Russell’s

July 28th, 2020

But in the second echelon, the top second tier is the second tier of the league, and it also has a place. Now it can play 20 plus a field average. The nets team with baskets into the playoffs shows that the player’s ability is still there, but compared with those better and better players, we are a little bit behind us. You can also see him in the garbage, because other players are even worse than the warriors. The main purpose is to be smooth and transition, waiting for Thomson’s injury to return. The second one is to hold Russell’s waiting transaction. This team is composed of three carriages.

As long as he is well matched, as long as he is able to match the candidates needed by his tactical system, the warriors can win the championship in the revival, ah, er, it is very difficult to win the championship. Curry will take it all his life, and the iPhone VPN is too sleepy, but there is still hope. Ah, but there is still hope, because the Western teams are very average, all very, average, as long as you have good luck, you can play in the finals, and then, with good luck, you can win the cup, so warriors fans, don’t worry too much, don’t worry too much, but also have this faith, the warrior team. Thomson and green have won the championship and won 73 victories in history. You should have confidence in him, right? The second point is that his age level and age structure have not yet reached. Ah, this kind of collapse is not needed. Tommy has not yet reached this kind of field, so it can still be. Playing for a long time, we can still persist for two or three years. Waiting for a chance to clink cups is worth looking forward to. Every team has a chance not to give up too early

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