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Never keep your word!

July 27th, 2020

I, personally, it’s just a matter of poor people’s choice. Ah, just in New York, the Knicks didn’t get much money, right? Two years, 20 million, right? So in the Spurs, it’s almost like that. Why do you choose New York instead of spurs, right? It’s actually a very good choice. It’s a lot of NBA players. He’d rather have less. Some things, you also have to go to a certain team, a certain team or two, to do something you want to do, to complete some tasks that you want to complete. It’s a kind of mission and a kind of destiny. You can see that, just like Barry Parker this year, other teams don’t play any more, and this young one doesn’t want to, right? So although it’s two-way. Er, this player option should be told to the school, but don’t you think that Jabari park can get a higher team, get a higher score, contact? Ah, I think the main reason, I think the main reason, is only 5.6 million. It’s still a matter of planning for the future. After all, it’s still young players. On the issue of the future, well, if you join a strong team, you don’t have time to play, you don’t have a tactical position. So you’re not good for your future career development. Go ahead and go to the garbage team like the eagles.

Well, the bulls, eagles, pistons, etc. let you go. Playing this kind of team is with these young players who want to make achievements in the future. Although this kind of team can not provide you with a lot of annual salary and treatment, it is given to you. Enough time, enough right to shoot, so that you have enough time to play, have time to play your own value, just like the Rockets signed, er Ariza, ah, the Rockets signed Ariza is the same, ah, the same is true of Ariza, which also gives Ariza the absolute right to fire.

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