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he Western Conference

July 25th, 2020

It’s worth mentioning that the warriors, if we can, we said in the last program, if we can, in the middle of the season, in the middle of the season. In order to maintain the eighth position in the Western Conference, then Thomson can, and the comeback can assist me. I always think that Thomson’s season should pay no reason for the whole unemployment certificate. In the regular season, if he is the eighth in the west, he should be a comedy according to his strength. What about youkuli? Well, the intermittent short circuit today is not his normal level. I believe that the things in the library, the library’s ability, the two MVPs, right? Er, such a heavy three-point ability, even without Thomson, is often the top of the wall.

We should get out of the game with an average of four, five and three points. But now, in the first snow, you can’t see any problems. The problem is to solve the problem. The ball should be played one by one. We can’t open a single ball game. But what kind of team is the warriors now? Ah, other machines in the West. The western region is not in order. There are seven or eight teams, almost that is, they pursue what she wants, go to, ah, this, the opponents of Jiaozu or fight for are just these other teams, but it’s normal to play

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