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what’s your strength to say that you will beat the 76ers and the Raptors

March 31st, 2021

How many places did you play in the sixth place in the east? Of course, we say there is a certain chance, right? The growth of the 76ers also has such factors as, er, the Raptors took stimulants and beat their faces hard, but not as you can. Well, the record is so bad, right? The excuses and reasons why you can lose the first place in the East are right. This kind of responsibility needs Owen to bear. Does Owen want to be the boss? Ah, you want to be the boss? You left James just to be the boss, just to be famous, just to tell the world that you can do without James. So last year. We say half of the success, right? This year, we want you to bring back the other half of the success. If you don’t have it, you’ll lose the whole game. In the next few seasons, if Hayward returns to Tatum

If we can’t play, we don’t want to talk about whether we can win the championship. The championship must belong to the warriors. If there are no injuries, the championship must belong to the warriors, and Durant must be 3 plus 3. There’s no problem. Now the eastern champion is the Raptors. It’s a good chance. You are all in the hands of the Raptors. There is the 76ers team. It’s a fierce team. It’s eager to jump, try, fight for class and power. The first passer-by’s teammate, Jimmy Butler, cut 38 points in the last game. Now he’s eight years old. I don’t want to suppress his ability. I feel like I’m almost there now. Right? Now, the rescue team has the earth, Simmons has, um, Peter, you two mountains are below, right? They are also the number one 1212 in the team, right? I don’t know what to say now, right? I’m going to start now. I need to do it myself. Well, I want to show my value. So in this environment, what’s Celtic’s ability for you, what do you have, what’s the challenge of the first season, or Owen, what’s your strength to say that you will beat the 76ers and the Raptors.

Play the finals, fight the warriors for seven. Hello everyone, I’m the NBA cobbler update program. Then we talk about James. James is very good. There is no dispute. We say that if this player is always at the peak of his career and always in your sight and media. In your attention, you have to admit that he is great. Like James, curry Durant has always been with you from the first game to the last game of the season. No matter you hate him or like him, he will always be with you throughout the pre-season regular season. Playoff finals, ah, from the first game to the seventh game, if there is a seventh game, right? Can you deny it? Can you ignore it? It can’t, right? That’s why such a player is the best player. Take James for eight years, right.


Michael Jordan, you can see from his career regular season finals, his score is incremental. He said that he played very well in the regular season. I remember that he was taboo about averaging 30 points per game. If it’s complicated, it’s urgent to win the championship. Er, I’ve forgotten whether it’s the total data or the commemoration of winning the championship. If you are interested, you can go to the statistics, such as the regular season playoffs, 31 points and 32 points in the finals. It’s his way to go up and up in history. Few players, or almost none of them, go up like this. Of course, you have to play enough playoffs for me. You have to play the finals. You have to play enough playoffs. Right? Play a finals? Then we don’t make these comments. There is no objective significance. So I, personally, don’t challenge Jordan’s position. In addition, James is an excellent player. Ah, James, if you want to praise him, well, it’s very simple. You just regard him as one of the most versatile players in history, right.

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Now it seems that 30 games can’t save the Rockets

March 27th, 2021

The problem with the Rockets now is the structure, not a certain player. Ah, it’s not so good. It’s not because of harden’s problem, it’s not because of the network.

Kabela and so on are caused by the structure of the team. Well, this earth shaking change will come back. Only the last one can be made. Egypt’s success story, ah, now it seems that 30 games can’t save the Rockets, and they don’t play any new routines and new models.

Let him talk about it as soon as he goes on today. A friend asked how the Rockets can save themselves and how to change themselves, if only from the existing players. Well, let’s talk about it. It’s also a theory and an argument. It needs time to verify that today’s game between the rockets and the Jazz hasn’t started yet.

Well, I’ve seen the list of players, that is, Paul harden, Gordon and mark. Anti fatigue, ah, is the mode of three defenders. Look at this mode. Well, I personally think we can try to play more games. Let’s see how big brother’s five games and eight games have a try. But I personally think, because last season was a successful season, it’s more difficult to copy last season.

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The playoffs so quickly after trading

March 26th, 2021

In this ranking, ah, so he is now, er, the star of the Clippers. It can be said that he is the star of the Clippers. Right? Harris also performs very well. His ability of averaging 20 plus per game, er, it can be said that he also lays the foundation for such a good result of the Clippers this year. It’s amazing that the company returned to the playoffs so quickly after trading Paul and Griffin last year.

It can be said that the hall has already said that, um, it’s not easy, er, it has received a miraculous effect. The level of rivers is still a little bit, a little bit, not as bad as we thought. We have been saying that among these players, we can now say, James Durant, curry, harden, weishao and so on.

By the quality of the fans, well, personally speaking, in terms of the quality of the fans in KULI, well, the age is low, the demand is low, the forest is low, a lot of comments are a little childish, er, I mean some mentally disabled fans, it can be clearly seen that, ah, it lies in some articles.

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It is not very good for the future construction

March 24th, 2021


In the playoffs, teams, brought to the playoffs, for such a deal, such as this kind of trade for the purpose of the team is relatively few unlikely to do so, there are two bad costs, that is, will certainly lose some young players in the future.

Looking at stars and potential players, this is undoubtedly the way to kill the chickens and get eggs.

It is not very good for the future construction. Since it is a playoffs team, the far future is, er, the young players of Lotto sign, and the rising space in the future is king. All aspects of the development.

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It’s a kind of praise to be in the top three in history

March 19th, 2021

In a few days, ah, let’s do it all over again. Reincarnation is possible. Now it’s almost impossible. Ah, it’s a kind of praise to be in the top three in history.

Ah, you don’t want to challenge the best in history. Well, history is the first in history. If it’s so easy to earn. What else does the NBA look at? I’m a little confused. There are so many BC fans. Now, 6 billion, 10 billion in the future. I don’t need more fans to decide whether you are the best in history, right? I don’t want to talk about data and win honor. Right?

Well, from the objective facts, ah, now the curry fans, Durant fans and so on. Well, what else to say, er, do you still think that we are in the proportion? Right? We are public politics to evaluate these things. Then I have a personal guess. Ah, James said this, I think, I think he must feel very regret, very regret, how can he say this thing? Right? Er, this is forcing himself to a dead end, forcing himself to Liangshan, pushing himself to the edge of the cliff. What’s the matter? You say it first.

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If the answer can be given in the past two years

March 18th, 2021

Of course, if the answer can be given in the past two years, the Lakers will make a lot of money. At least I feel after 25 years old. Those young players after 25 years old are also very good. Their physical conditions are very good. If they play today and next year, they will be able to play a team. Then it’s big and profitable. At this time, the Laker team has James, right?

There’s also a potential new star. Of course, there may be more than 20 players in the long term. Then the revival of the Laker team is not calculated by years or days. Once it reaches this level. Ah, and a good record. You said that if the Lakers reach the fourth place in the west this year, right? James leads the team first, James leach leads the team. There are one or two young players who can average about 20 players per game, right?

When the strength of the whole team is very balanced, well, it’s not James. Er, it doesn’t mean that the Lakers want to trade. There are a lot of big name players. It’s just that they want to cast their names. I’m from the top. I’m going to the Lakers. I’m going to Pudong. I’m going to win the championship. Right? Someone will come. Absolutely, then the Lakers will be OK.

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It is not only good to blow up the things that are not put on the historical stage

March 17th, 2021

I think that it is not too significant to play a two champion to improve the historical status. It is not too meaningful, but in our modern and contemporary, it is not only good to blow up the things that are not put on the historical stage.

Ah, so it doesn’t make much sense for Durant to win the championship when he joins the Lakers and James. On the contrary, I think it may be a bad thing because James grows older after Durant comes. Ability must go down. Durant may still be able to keep it for a year or two. In such a case, when he is four years old, he will have this first and second support, the first and second pin of the league.

Durant must be in the key closing moment. Or, well, it’s a longer time to be better than James, and the two players who are absolutely in one team know right, James, if the number of shots is reduced, the hit rate is lower, right, 25 points and 26 Durant every year. You have so many games.

It’s hard to say if he doesn’t have more than 20 shots

March 10th, 2021

Time is very high, and then it’s very low after 21 times, and then more than 25 times. He is band-based. Of course, we can’t let Kuri always throw it on. It’s hard to say if he doesn’t have more than 20 shots. It’s hard to say.

Basically. Already, by the warriors, have you, Curie has, shot crazy, they such crazy throw proves that you have failed defense, very, very, very, failure, right, we know what defense Curie to defend first you can not let his father take over the ball smoothly, right? He master control over that can not he play with you to play the block and dismantle that is the end. Under the circumstances, it is not the outside players. You need to change the fast inner line players.

Ah, quickly. Go out for 1516, but you can’t take the warriors. 7335, why can’t you fight the warriors in this season. The warriors can’t change them. Those big brothers are killed if they don’t rush out the big gate of the island. Right now, the whole league has this awareness. No matter who you are or assistant, you only have the ability to cast the player outside the line. I will fight that day. Even if you kill those players, I don’t care if I throw you three points. That has reached a consensus, of course, Curie is still very good. You see, the hit rate is 50% this year.

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If other teams want to form the big three

March 6th, 2021

Ka, Pera, and Gordon, the bundle is called a contract of more than 30 million yuan, so they can give it reluctantly. However, if other teams want to form the big three, it must be such a choice. If you go to see the contract of 20 million yuan, it can’t appear in the Laker team. Whatever you do, trade, whatever you lack of money, free agent, this kind of player is impossible to appear.

In addition, the commentary also said in the game, ah, there is also a point that coincides with us, that is, what we are doing now is panic. We did the show of the last two days, ah, the Laker told these young people. Yeah, he’s really hurt. He’s also hurt. If he plays well, he has to be traded. Everyone is in danger. Ah, that’s what the following game is like. I believe James is smart.

He must see this. Anthony Davis, if the trade fails, we’ll put chemistry here. Er, James. It’s possible, ah, 70% or even higher, it’s possible to come out and make public comments. Of course, it won’t be clearly pointed out, it must be implied, ah, these players should also play well, ah, fly, take their job seriously, ah, have a job.

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