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It’s not like the organization that can score super points now

February 26th, 2021

In the league, how many players can, get 10 assists, 10 assists, excellent guards? Very, very good guards can get 10 groups. Organization type, ah, non dual energy guards, well, it’s not like the organization that can score super points now. Er, let’s put this aside, super scoring organization aside, if we don’t brush the assists, we won’t take the one assist as our own responsibility.

This is called triple double. I want to say that it’s called triple double. Wei Shao’s 30 plus 10 plus 1030 points is the scoring champion. The data of the house, 30 points, you go to have a look.

Nearly 20 years later, in the era of Jordan, how many people got 30 points, how many people got the top score? Is it difficult for me to get familiar with it? I’ll have two 70 years with you. You know, ah, and it’s a record breaking career of more than 70 years, but there are more than 70 seasons, more than 70 seasons. Dao, Robertson, that’s not one season, or two seasons. I can’t remember, right? Wei Shao doesn’t smile.

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How can you say so many young players

February 23rd, 2021

With so many draft rights in hand, do you have so much time to cultivate him? Right? The Lakers is an example, right? If you can’t cultivate them, you sell them. If you can’t get up, you’ll be OK and play them. Russell and so on.

How can you say so many young players? So many excellent players, right. After the sale, it’s all glowing, or there’s not enough time to have a chance. So, ah, it’s useless to ask for a lot of draft rights, and a lot of young players are useless. For example, six players in chess are very smart, right? I think it’s a smart thing. Through this year’s playoffs, to verify it, right? If you play well, you can use all the fighting power of young players to improve your performance during the season change. I think it’s a thing far ahead of the present, because in the future, you don’t know what the situation is, there will be another warrior in the future.

A little hope, it’s also possible. Clippers, I think it’s almost enough to take one game. Taking one game will be considered as a success of this season. Ah, well, I believe in the warriors. Ah, well, it’s reasonable to kill the fast pass. It’s shocking for the Warriors. If it’s black eight, well, we’ll recognize it. Ah, I didn’t show it. We also think and admit our ignorance. It’s also a honor and a kind of luck to see such a brave team defeated by Kurosaki panther.

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We said that the 76ers didn’t have any overall strength

February 18th, 2021

The first game we talked about was 7 people vs. nets. It’s a normal series. It’s a normal series. The first game, right? We said that the 76ers didn’t have any overall strength.

In the end, losing to the nets, this kind of thing, the series hit four, even if the 76ers lost, this is what we said, this is its absolute advantage, he should not say right, but we also said at the same time, you should not think that the nets will be swept 4-0, we have not said that, if we have not said that. In the case of planning, if we don’t do the show, we’ll turn it off now, right? We’ll say goodbye to you. Right? In the playoffs, what’s the meaning of no weak team, no weak team?

You don’t expect every series to be able to, ah, the Warriors will be 4-0. Do you seldom go to the Clippers? We, for example, play ten games. Let’s face it. The 76ers are eight to two. I think, ah, if the game is protracted, it’s eight to two. Well, the absolute advantage should be ten to zero. If you dare to bet ten BP, I want to ask you whether it is right.

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A five-year career has a long way to go

February 9th, 2021

They can’t do all the other things. Of course, we have to say that it’s not impossible to stay in raptors. But you have to consider many practical problems. A five-year contract means that you have to stay in a five-year contract. A five-year career has a long way to go. How many, five years, and even their own career, the Raptors can give, zero, what additional value is there?

We know that if we go to Los Angeles, or even New York, or the clippers, or the Lakers, it’s a kind of added value promotion. It’s really a fight, it’s a fight, it’s a quantitative change, so these problems should be considered. So what has left behind in the Raptors? With honor, trust and the love of the fans, there is no problem. Will there be other teams? There will also be the problem of more or less. In the Raptors’ view of the intangible living cost of leaving home in foreign cities, there are many problems.

These are invisible, life and cost. Finally, we have to say, well, we always tell you that the team is a capitalist, not a philanthropist. He is not necessarily good to you today and tomorrow. You, including Derozan before, are reluctant to leave the Raptors.

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At least the advantage of public opinion

February 8th, 2021

The warriors are all in the same team

I’d like to, because Durant’s loss is not.

The loss caused by force, these losses will not be cashed from the pocket of fans, ah, if you really are

Durant fans love Durant without hesitation, so now you go to purchase Durant fans

Buy a hundred and eight pieces of jerseys to support Durant. Don’t shout slogans everywhere all day

. Well, I will, too, so Durant not only lost more than 40 million teams, but also Durant

ost a lot of business activities are not able to participate in, have to postpone the shooting, if the business can understand

That’s OK. If it’s not possible, it’s OK to make some claims with you

With. The issue of contract renewal is quite complicated. Durant, I think, ah, in this period of time

There is a little advantage, at least the advantage of public opinion, most fans, the vast majority of fans, the media and so on