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We are no better than the warriors

January 22nd, 2021

What do you have to say about these netizens who don’t know right or wrong, the truth, the fake fans, the brain powder? What else do you have to say about our NBA?

We have to say that godala doesn’t care. It’s almost impeccable in terms of skill, character and character. You have to see, there are so many fans and friends in the fan circle. Go black, warriors, go black. Durant is determined to go black. Green has a black zazapachuria in black curry. But you see, no one goes to the black, Thompson no one goes to the black, the two players

of igudala show a very high quality. We say that no matter how smelly the river is, we are no better than the warriors. Just take another example, we can plant the river again. Qinglian is not stained by mud. It has nothing to do with the environment you are in. When everyone is silent, there is only one person who answers. He is the only one who is brave enough to speak for Durant.

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This responsibility should take full responsibility

January 22nd, 2021

When you play, when you play this, the players of the team will cause a lot of psychological shadow and psychological burden, so they make some decisions that are not good for themselves and have direct and huge damage to themselves, just like Durant’s decision for the team. I think we should bear the primary responsibility.

This responsibility should take full responsibility. We have done it before, right? Now, warriors fans, Durant fans, including curry fans, what can we say? Right? You have to admit that we are stubborn. It’s awesome, right? We’re awesome.

Well, we’ve said that Durant’s injury was bad in two weeks, and there was a problem. He had either a calf injury or an Achilles tendon injury. The first injury was an Achilles tendon injury. From the world of Iguodala, you can see that before. Ah, a lot of these information, so the warriors really concealed Durant’s injury, then Durant’s first injury was Achilles tendon strain, which is already on the table, ah, those facts are indisputable.

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When you get to this position

January 22nd, 2021

Thousands of replies are put on the reserve player, saying that James has high EQ, very high EQ, please Anthony Davis, and he can be a man, right? Well, I also read reviews. I will also read reviews, but I haven’t got to the point, at least I haven’t seen it.

There are these, fans. When you get to this position, on the one hand, you can really say that you are flattering Antony Davis, right? Er, as a new teammate, you can give a gift to the third giant. You need to know that James is a player. Smart, ah, he is a careerist. Now he wants to recruit a player of such weight level as Leonard and Jimmy Butler. He must set an example, right? You think I’m James, the top five super player in history. I can give you my number and my shirt. What do you mean.

The future is your business, you young people’s I will one day walk down the altar of I will be old, right? These glory will skin on you, Jersey 23 I can let him no problem, team, boss I can, let him no problem, as long as you want, as long as you say.

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A netizen asked us about Leonard joining the Laker

January 21st, 2021

In the East, all the Raptors, all the Raptors, all the Bucks, all the 76ers, Celtic, and so on. We don’t have any pictures, including injuries. Is there any exception to the final result. You can, here, listen to this program for the great gods.

To the so-called great gods and the so-called great powers, you can listen to it, discuss our level there, do something about it, and a netizen asked us about Leonard joining the Lakers. We graduated. Compare, confirm, are you sure? I can answer like this. Give me 100 times, I chose the one who joined the Lakers. I’m not sure. I don’t know what will happen in the end. I’m not. I can’t be 100% sure, but I have to make a choice.

We have to choose one. Under the circumstances, I’ll choose Leonard to join the Lakers. This is the best choice for him. We can judge according to what, according to experience, according to the players’ environment. It’s not necessarily right to judge according to the current situation of the league.

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