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The original intention of this

December 3rd, 2020

The original intention of this fleet, the two legal bodies, the team fleet, junior high school is different, so it has developed into. In this way, I said that the Laker team has a lot of fans. Ah, there are a lot of netizens who ask us questions. Let’s talk about how to make up for the team now. I said that it would be more than 3000 in case of an instant. What’s not spent is not astronomy.

It’s not the number. It’s almost the same as that of munchki Baba. That’s the delay. You, Dani green and Park Park, including this, left column signed yesterday’s volume ratio. He included today’s one.

It’s like McKee. It seems that there’s kausins and Rondo. They’ve all finished cutting, right. Worry, don’t worry at all. These players, you can see, from July 1 to July 6, these players are like the Lakers, and they have no contact with any team. In other words, ah, in other words, they signed. After the salary increase, there will be no profit for other players.

There are not many fans who still need to go to the black

December 2nd, 2020

With the disintegration of the warriors, they will also disintegrate. I believe that there are not many fans who still need to go to the black Warriors team now. Ah, this task, the goal has not been unified, so, er, they scattered. We all separated, but we should be clear that the warriors are still some excellent teams.

This is an indisputable fact. Now, it is mainly because of Thomson’s injury problem. After Durant left, the Raptors, the warriors, then directly untie the trap and bring back to life. According to the previous judgment, if Durant stayed in the warriors, the warriors would not have any good performance in the next three or five years.

This performance will be good, and it will completely drag the warriors to death. But Durant is still good enough to uphold justice, and the operation of the Warriors is also good enough. The management of warriors is a little fierce. It’s really a little powerful. They can get rid of Durant’s burden, but they haven’t given this responsibility. They are very sad. They also signed Russell. This is a very good operation option, an educational option, waiting for Thomson’s business.

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The Raptors are the champion of the season

December 1st, 2020

The Raptors are the champion of the season, then the 76ers, without the strength of this team, think they are close. The backbone of the 76ers team is not the strength of this team at that time. It’s the same with the Raptors, because they are more optimistic about the bucks. Well, it’s not. I even think I can even think that if the Celtics, the modern Celtic team, compete with the current team.

Not necessarily. Yes, Celtic Celtic. After all, the odds of winning or losing are 50%. Why do you say that? Because you can see, the Bucks’ operations this summer are actually very unsatisfactory. I personally think they are not ideal. We actually said that before.

The main problem is to solve the problem of youth contract. You can see that he doesn’t have much. The main purpose of his action is to keep all the players in the team. It’s not good. The contract throws all these players into the array, frames the main lineup, and frames the recruitment of external players. He doesn’t have much.