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Now there are rumors that the clippers

November 4th, 2020

Some things are all together, which is even more sweeping. Right, all the excellent teams of all teams are not worth mentioning in front of the Mavericks. She is not like this.

There are many excellent teams. More or less, he will have some of this problem, that problem, but I did not see its core problem is how, many things, such as the opposite, the nets, the east of the blue nets team in Owen did not, discuss the case of Owen without Owen’s business circle, the basketball nets team still can fly. Right? It reflects the strength of a team. Last year, without Harris, the clippers, this rotten team still has to enter the playoffs. Is it the Clippers? How strong are they?

This year with Paul George, and, two seconds later, it’s really like a tiger. I don’t think there’s too much accident, right. There are still a lot of problems in this team. Now there are rumors that the clippers, Luwei, are reactionary. Ah, the spearhead is directed at whether Leonard is true or not. We don’t say much about it. Anyway, I think the black sheep must be traded.

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The Celtic team’s defense against players in every position of the Celtic team relies on defense to win the game

November 3rd, 2020

The nerve is high, the tension, therefore, plays this kind of team, specially expends the energy is also specially laborious, if you do not hammer to death, he sweeps it 4:0, he will give you the feeling to make the mischief, obtains the sixth game, the seventh game which should have won finally by you to lose, was also by the Celtic team counter attack, specially difficult does not care today.

Well, but I think, ah, if the Celtics want to play in the finals now and play in the playoffs now, then, the Celtics and bucks can’t compete. From the strategic and tactical level, the Celtics can’t compete with bucks and bucks. Well, the playing structure, personnel structure and playing method are completely restrained.

The Celtic team’s defense against players in every position of the Celtic team relies on defense to win the game. He is constipated and can’t find the core point in the team. If everyone is the core point, he depends on it. Tough defense wins the game, cringes and defends under the basket, but the bucks are, a three-point super accurate, three-point break is very much, joint defense, break, outside line, rely on long-range shot, type of force is such a team, so if two teams will play in the playoffs, then I believe Celtics.


The rest time in the middle of the season

November 2nd, 2020

How many games do you have to play a year? This is an increase in disguise. Ah, this kind of game, er, let me first talk about this kind of game. If there is no signboard player, the right to give full help will basically become a season.

The rest time in the middle of the season, ah, entertainment and time in the middle of the season is chicken ribs. If the NBA League wants to run this game well, if it is just to do it well and to make the NBA more wonderful, it is actually unnecessary.

The regular season and the playoffs are wonderful enough. We don’t have so much time to pay attention to so many contents. But if it’s to generate revenue and earn more money, I think this operation is feasible and in line with the wishes of the owners. This is absolute. Let’s talk about the playoffs.

This problem is also involved in the system reform. In some aspects, the climate is that one to six players in the East-West alliance will be directly promoted to seven to eight, and one winner will be directly promoted to nine to ten. In other words, one winner and one loser of seven to eight meters will be selected for promotion. In other words, it’s still right, eight departments in the East.

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