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The player’s William got a big contract from Nike Jordan in the past two days

November 28th, 2020

The player’s William got a big contract from Nike Jordan in the past two days. It’s 75 million in seven years. It’s similar to 10 million a year. This contract makes me feel surprised. I personally think that generally speaking, the number one player is.

Which, the same as their own salary, annual salary, almost the same sponsorship contract, even if it is almost the same, I will give you a few million each year to sign for 56 years, right? Seven years can also hear more than 10 million ah, I think Nike attaches great importance to this player. So obviously, ah, I personally think that Nike is a little bit anxious about this player, or the excellent players that he has lost in the past few years in this year.

Lost, ah, this library has lost Hadden, lost, lost, cool, ah, this year, Durant has lost his millet feeling, which is really a heavy loss. It can be said that the loss was heavy. Originally, Durant won the cup and got the iPhone.

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It’s also broadcast according to the entertainment news

November 26th, 2020

The whole season, you can’t play. Ah, the probability of comeback is very small. Even if you pay, it’s 35 games. In order to cater for the market, the first content of Durant’s interview is, um, about who is responsible for dancing and paying. Wait a minute. I believe Durant has nothing to do next season. His main task is to interview the media and find his sense of existence.

Ah, James has nothing to do all summer. He can’t play in the playoffs. Come to the Laker on camera for many times. It’s also broadcast according to the entertainment news. Ah, so we can have a look at Durant’s interview. Er, there is not much practical content. However, Durant’s practice is a typical representative of a mature and excellent player.

The tailor’s second content is about the relationship between Durant and Owen, ah, Durant himself admitted it. As like as two peas, the basketball team is mainly because of the deep friendship between Erwin and uh. Well, we have very close judgement before us. Right? Almost right. We told you last year that this abnormal relationship between Durant and Erwin could be seen directly.

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It’s a big amount of half-time one out of nine

November 21st, 2020

The Jazz team is 41-39 ahead of two points after half-time game, and the score is very low. The two teams add up to no more than 100 problems. Indeed, the Jazz team is a defense.

Some netizens said that the Clippers played well in the top ten of the league. The defense was worrying, right? But you have to see the real top defensive team, right? Like the Jazz team, how good is your attack ability.

It’s a big amount of half-time one out of nine. Ah, the shooting rate is very low. Ah, if you really meet an opponent, you’ll see a player. Plus, Norwich said that the two players were both.

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It depends on the overall strength of other players

November 20th, 2020

Er, my personal feeling is, well, there are some fans who are still discussing whether Conley’s live broadcast is Conley’s problem or not. You don’t have to think about Kangli Kangli. From my understanding of NBA comparison, he doesn’t decide the fate of the Jazz team. Don’t expect too much from this player.

He is not the Savior at all. He is not a player who can influence the game. It depends on the overall strength of other players, the Jazz team. We said that he was in the position of the balance of his forward ability. Er, the game was still lost.

You can see that, ah, gobel, gobel, you can see. Of course, when it comes to the playoffs, I think the jazz and the Clippers are on top of each other. The clippers, the biggest, seem to be the Lakers. The second biggest killer is not necessarily XX. The second biggest killer, I think, is mutual ability. This can be compared with each other. In fact, it is the Jazz team, because his risk ability is very strong. Well, his current problem is mainly gobel.

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How do you remember who is the third highest scoring player in history

November 14th, 2020

Who is the NBA champion? Who is the leader? Who is the core? Who was the champion in 1962? Who is the core? In 1985? Maybe it’s Celtics? It may be the Laker. When you remember, I said who was the NBA historical champion in 1979 and 1977, which player is everybody and line? You don’t know.

You know that you have to go through Baidu Encyclopedia Du Niang to check to be able to know these, but now you ask to see the NBA’s history score king do not know is Jabbar, if said not to know, it is simply ridicule, is not it, it represents the uniqueness, it represents an accuracy, so to say. This matter is of great significance in the NBA.

When you can do something to the extreme, you can control it, and you can control it. We have done programs before about Kobe’s 81 points. Last year’s shows, we don’t despise 81 points. There is a 100 points ahead, 81 points is what, remember 81 points. How do you remember who is the third highest scoring player in history? Do you remember who is the third highest scoring athlete in history? You don’t necessarily know who is the fourth and the fifth in history. You have to read the materials to know. These people were also the second and third, and also the second, because they climbed the second.

The clippers were sixth and seventh in the west before they played

November 13th, 2020

We also talked about the house and housing certificate. You don’t want to talk about Durant’s defense, Paul George. You’re either lucky enough to prevent him from catching the ball. As long as he catches the ball, he’s close to him, right? Let him pass. Paul George now, ah, his dribbling ability is biased, and he doesn’t want to. Is it right to force me to fight in my heart?

Because of this major injury, a major injury, he may feel like he is now. I always have this psychological hint. Right? I’d rather go out and fight a little. I’m less injured, right? If I rush into the basket, the probability of injury is relatively high. Right, once bitten by a snake for ten years. I’m afraid, well rope, ah, this is understandable, so the defense of Paul George is so annoyed.

Yesterday, in fact, it was a wonderful kill and anti kill. The Clippers nearly lost the game. The two parties continue to be injured and continue to take turns. So, is it business circle or rotation. The clippers were sixth and seventh in the west before they played. We want to discuss a question: do you think you believe the Clippers are willing to be in this position? Sixth and seventh is not a good position.

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Our understanding of this team is that in the first three quarters

November 12th, 2020

The average level of the league is not good enough. In other words, it is very poor. We have discussed this problem before. Then the Clippers’ research on XX is very profound. Well, in the end, it is also a full understanding of it. You can cast three points at will. You can steal whatever you want.

If you throw three points, you can lose the game. If you throw three points, we are halfway through the strategy and tactics. Our understanding of this team is that in the first three quarters, you should have established a strong advantage, or in the fourth quarter, you should have had enough physical strength to break through crazily. Crazy breakthrough, make X to kill, break through, inside line, make fouls, score, instead of throwing three points out of the wild. You can throw a few, weishao is not harden.

Hadden can shoot unlimited. You can shoot 20 three points in the whole game of headdress. But Wei Shao shakes his head for 23 points. XX is bound to lose. OK, I’ll send it to you. Let’s talk about the clippers, the clippers, an excellent team. Paul George, G XG, torture only. I don’t need a lot of games in three games. I just need three games to see the team in the western finals. Well, now the top three in the West.

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The best of the month also shows the problem

November 7th, 2020

Good Wes Haden can’t play. Paul George Leonardo is injured, right. Then he can go out to the west to play the finals. You can see that his ability is really verifiable. The best of the month also shows the problem. Of course, you can say what you say about this.

Where is better than James together, and where is James inferior to things? It is not obvious that we should say that James is old now. Right, he is powerless. You want him to play him and he can play it, but he doesn’t want him to focus on playing the playoffs regular rules better. He just had to give the award to Anthony Davis and Anthony Davis.

What Anthony Davis lacks is that he is the second core team in the team. So the boss doesn’t reach the prize. Your data is not enough to beat the boss. You can play better. 40 games have been recorded, but this award won’t move ghosts. So the boss and the second in the team still have the exact grade. Remember the Clippers are the same. Do you know who you are? Do you know what you said.

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The East should be the fifth and sixth position

November 6th, 2020

No one is willing to, so now we ask Paul to play as much as possible to play a good score as much as possible to reflect his own value, so it is possible to make a transaction. Right, hand over a comparative Heat team, and then we will talk about the heat team. In fact, he has problems. You see, after today’s game, he has fallen.

The East should be the fifth and sixth position. Ah, if I’m right, I’m sorry to correct it. I look back at the third position in the East, but you can see that the fourth, fifth and sixth are very close to it. It’s only about a game of ball, er, a half court game. So you have to say what kind of heat he is. It’s not easy to say that there are many players in this team. There are many players whose contracts are expired.

So these players play hard and work hard, and there are excellent players like Jimmy Butler, because of the player. Playing, very hard, and she also asked his players to run as well as he did. We came back, so for the thunder team, the ideal result of this season is Paul’s excellent performance, leading the thunder team to ninth and tenth position. Don’t touch some players in the playoffs.

The player suffering from injuries is also old.

November 5th, 2020

Ah, it’s not to say that the team in the division after work can be turned if you want to. The probability is very small, minimum, minimum, but because of Morris’s betrayal, bris’s betrayal has caused indirect losses to the Spurs. Carroll’s ball can only be said. Come on the bench to supplement. It doesn’t play a big role. You can see that he is also full of wounded soldiers now.

The player suffering from injuries is also old. In the first quarter, the collective purpose is to supplement the third tail, which is not typical, but Morris is is. I’m in New York now. I’m in New York. I’m in the center of 15 million. I’ve played such luxurious data and played such luxurious data. One of them is now.

You can imagine that the sick rate will increase by three points, and the shooting rate will increase by 20. Take it, with an annual salary of 15 million at an ultra-low level of 15 million, we said that bris is not a panacea or a savior, but it is too important for the Spurs. He is short of personnel in this position, the guard line, the mail? Now the landing war will play to the front line position, so the guards are these.

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