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Do you have any good-looking waste of your time

October 31st, 2020

It’s missiles, team to warriors, ah, missiles to the ground broadcast. Well, this is more difficult. Er, the warriors are now the same. This is a bunch of rotten goods, right. Well, it’s all cats and dogs. Do you have any good-looking waste of your time? Oh, start to pay attention to these two games.

Ah, the Los Angeles twins in the west, the bucks and the 76ers in the East, and say, let’s talk about this game. I think it’s a more satisfactory choice or a more scientific choice. After thinking about it a few years ago It’s all important games, just two, one, right? The warriors. Ah, yes, Cavaliers.

Ah, yes, last year’s ER, there were some earphones that were not very clear. However, in the competition of the previous few years, basically, the design of this competition between the Cavaliers and the warriors this year was better than that of the western two and the eastern two.

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It’s just a matter of whether the Grizzlies can trade a Dalla or not

October 30th, 2020

Many fans have repeatedly consulted us about whether it is possible for the thunder to play in the playoffs. I don’t know whether Paul’s trade can happen and be completed. I don’t know if the Grizzlies can trade a Dalla or not. It’s just a matter of whether the Grizzlies can trade a Dalla or not.

The Grizzlies are holding on. At the last moment, if you can’t go on, you’ll buy it out. Then everyone enters each other. It’s like this. Until the last moment, he won’t admit defeat. It’s the same with Paul, the same with the thunder team.

It’s necessary to trade Paul. It’s urgent to see whether there’s a down load. After all, Paul’s contract still has three years.

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People pay more and more attention to this thing

October 29th, 2020

At that time, the best, right, the past, ah, the best of that year, the best of the past, the best of the future, I don’t know if the good can be forgotten, because it is not enough to see, now there are too many athletes, the record of Aaron is not enough to see.

Now average game, Ray Allen 272 divided by 75 games, let’s not say 82 games, 75 games, each game single game 3.5 3.6 3.5, you go to see how many 3.5 3.6 players Thomson, a single season 3.5 is the highest career, you see. Whether 3.5 is enough, right? See how many athletes have 3.5 IQ. Now harden has 5.2 points per game, ranking second, bestan, 3.7 or 3.8. King, Hilde, I don’t know. I don’t know, 3.6. If you go to see Walker Lori or something like that, you call it, if you can’t name it, it’s more than 3.53.6. If Thomson is on the list, it’s not worth mentioning. Hanik, you can imagine that I said it’s three points now.

Now, it’s a three-part era. It’s a church of an era. People pay more and more attention to this thing. Curry can reach this height because he just enters the intersection of this era. He is the best in this intersection, but it does not mean that it is the best in history. For this, the season has just come into being, and this thing has just been recognized by everyone. Can you know that there is no rising star behind in this, ah, this ability to catch up with Curie, or to say, let Curie be out of the dust? Ah, it is just like that ray Allen has refreshed so much in those years.

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The next year did not take a few games also selected into the all star

October 28th, 2020

In other words, maybe it’s just recently. Because I have to look at the votes in the west, I feel this kind of news, ah, even if there is no such thing, he is now in the backcourt of the west, ranking fourth and fifth. According to the rules, I remember correctly that 25% of the fans. 25% of the media and 50% of the media seem to be like this. If you can’t play the game, it’s useless if you only have fans’ votes, ah, good players have not arrived.

If you choose from the top, then it will be irresponsible for other players, right? Of course, the prestige is very high, like Kobe and Jordan. My prestige is very high, even if you can’t play the game, you can also be selected into the all, star a little bit of Kobe’s Achilles tendon rupture, the next year did not take a few games also selected into the all star ah, and Carter threw away his starting place to give Michael Jordan also become a good story, then unless you this, life ah unless ah.

You, this prestige is very high, ah, then you, are likely to be selected by the fans, the media and players. But if your prestige is not high enough, then we should judge by the facts, we should be realistic. We should say that the warriors should go who should go and who should enter.

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It’s really hard to say how much I have

October 27th, 2020

It’s also about the recent spurs. This, the fierce war is strong, the team state is very good, so there are a lot of Spurs fans, recovery, leave us a message, what is venereal disease or more? Did we do it in front of us, the number of fans in these programs increased dramatically, ah, many fans friends added my personal wechat, thank you. It seems that the fans still have to please him. If not, I will apologize a few more times. Ah, I and these fans friends have offended these fans. One by one, they have apologized to win their understanding.

And their support and attention, OK, FA, what did you say in the past? A lot of fans asked him whether Marx could do with the economy, whether he could play or not in the playoffs. I told you, ah, it’s OK to play seriously and play well. For example, this game is tomorrow, grizzlies vs. spurs. In this game, grizzlies give up one point at home. In other words, the Spurs Grizzlies let a point against the Spurs. Well, what do you think of the ball?

It’s a game of life and death. It’s not me, but I live or you die, right? Then I must be angry. It’s not me. Live is you. So it’s a game of life and death. Put it all together, the ball, every day, more than ten games a day have been analyzed. I’m really tired. I feel that the workload is unprecedented. It’s complicated.

It’s really hard to say how much I have. But I have to say as much as I can. That is to say, in the group, to help everyone to achieve their wishes. Well, the ball is that I think no matter who wins or loses, I’m sure it’s the Spurs. Right, this ball is that many friends think that some conspiracy theories, or the Spurs’ ones, always do something unclear. You understand, conspiracy theory is the Spurs, but I think.

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But if you can’t get the MVP of the regular season

October 23rd, 2020

But if you can’t get the MVP of the regular season, it’s not like Leonard. In fact, the fans also have to accept this point. For example, for such a player, you just think it’s good. Sister, you can’t be the best in history, so it’s necessary for a few people who can’t become a grand slam.

The conditions, so, er, no, crazy, I think so. Now, with the observation, even the moral fans, ah, this is a lot of black. I look at it like this. I can see it clearly.   I don’t think there will be many fans when it’s cold. Well, there will be a few. Nanchong and AI Fen must have some, and there are many people who like Lillard, right? Follow and build Dade for many years, so there must be some.

However, most of them, ah, I think it’s still the winning honey   the newspaper group went to this. To get this camp, ah, so whether Leonard can become an excellent player, a super first-class player, first of all, you have to win the MVP, now 28 years old and 29 years old. It’s very difficult, ah, very difficult. Don’t think it’s an easy thing to win the MVP. Look at the opposite Kunbo.

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This is the two advantages of the seven man team to beat the Bucks

October 22nd, 2020


His dominant body, now enbid’s inner strength and core position, this is unshakable. Then, the second advantage, he is also a big team, and his defense is also very good. This is the two advantages of the seven man team to beat the Bucks, and the two advantages of the bucks in the 76ers. That, also, into a two-and-a-half disadvantage, this way, fight down that is, who is good to play, who is more hard to play well, this is a second is about how to defend, bucks is you do not have a great advantage, then how do you believe it. Spider, because he is attacking you, and fighting with her, there is no way out for the bow to fight against her. It’s a dead end. For example, with missiles, you have to fight with missiles.

Of course, you can fight with missiles. Yes, this is no problem. I don’t think you can take the second way, right? If you want to rely on him to defend, it’s useless. It’s better for you to defend against him. Let’s talk about it later. Missiles are still talking about bears today. So you should have the ability to hold down the score and defend him, because his advantages are too obvious. You can’t do all these things well in the triathlon.

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The reason why the injured can win the championship is mainly in the East

October 21st, 2020

A defensive team is a championship level, defensive, type team, then you have to have time to practice him, last year’s Raptors Leonard. The reason why the injured can win the championship is mainly in the East. Those teams are not mature. Right, I won’t say. I also support the 76ers and the Bucks, but the fact is that the Raptors are better. If you want to play the Raptors, you can shave off 76 players.

If there is no Durant’s, then we will say that the Raptors are defeated and the Raptors won the championship. This is a very accidental, very unexpected, we said to win the championship, the eastern championship is because the Eastern team is not mature enough, he won the championship based on the time, place, people and three conditions are met, the western side of the missile fight.

For many years, he has been used to some special things. Don’t think that he is very young. He is very ignorant. It can make you feel that he is not a hundred steps away. This time, the Laker team is more and more affluent.

James, the sea god needle like existence of this player, that is to say, can raise the upper limit of the team. Therefore, the Clippers are the three teams that need the most time to go. But he is not going to develop towards this situation. I want to tell you that the Lakers are very close to bertans. The better the pants and yards are, the faster they will go.

At least the personnel pay more attention to it

October 20th, 2020

At my request, let’s say that a program about today’s Laker versus Celtics game, ah, we didn’t say or do any analysis last night, mainly based on this reason. Because it’s the first game, I don’t know. To be honest, I really don’t know who wins and who loses against the Celtics. Before the game, I don’t know whether Anthony Davis will play or not.

Moreover, I don’t know whether to recover from injury. I don’t know if the Lakers will win or not. I don’t know if they will win. However, the final score, can play like this, the aftereffect, in fact, is not too big, too big, there is no too much significance, including Celtic team is the same, before Walker also repair a little time a few times, how he was before, also repaired, never to be able to play the game seems not to say, um.

These three people, Walker, through me and Jerome brown, before this game, we also expected that there should be someone else who was absent from Chen Yi’s play. Unexpectedly, the two teams are all main force coefficients, so it seems to be a comparison.

Well, at least the personnel pay more attention to it, but I didn’t say that it did not play. Oh, there was no observation object in the East, there was no such Laker team in the East, and there was no such Celtic team in the West. So, after all, I don’t know who wins and who loses. If you play in the finals. I, there will be an accurate prediction, I want to see how the two sides come out of the state, where are the advantages, this can be said to be analyzed, the war spirit is not very strong, James must take Anthony Davis to shoot the Celtics.

Is it necessary for the Celtics team to block the Lakers, is it necessary? He is the East. The team in the West feels like a feud. Well, actually speaking, I don’t think there is a big battle between the two teams. The most important thing for the Lakers is to keep healthy. The first one is the Celtics.

Which means he has the ability to be not so strong

October 19th, 2020

He can play in five seasons with a healthy attendance rate of 72 or more than 72 games every season. A healthy, proof performance, cutting is a healthy standard. If you can play 72 teams, 82 games, you can play 72 of them, so you can say that you are basically healthy this season. If you play 72 games in this game every season, you can even reach 60 goals in 65 games.

So you, this season, must be unhealthy. In five seasons, I don’t believe he can reach the three points of the peripheral long-distance casting according to this weight. Let’s look at it first. Now, but he can put in four points, which means he has the ability to be not so strong. Unlike Simmons, it is different to never vote for one. I have been running to the League for so many years, and I am not young enough to enter the league. It is not a rookie.

Right. I don’t think one of them will vote. There is a problem. Ah, at least Williamson’s knowledge of this problem is OK. At least he has a head. If we eat him, we must be sure that he will know his technology and then we can practice it slowly. It doesn’t matter how to lose weight.


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