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The stag’s two crabs!

September 25th, 2020

We said that Lopez is too important for the bucks. It’s a very important tactic. It costs more than 10 million yuan, even 20 million yuan. I think it’s very cost-effective to buy a tactical point. The interior line is big and the outside line has projection ability. It’s too important. Too important. Why doesn’t it take up space. Take up space so important, the back small, the guard and, the front line, can break through the interior line at will, without pretending to stand. You, who are you going to help defend this position? Pull out of the three-point line. I’ll throw it right or wrong, pull it out, and I’ll use it. Kun, Bo singles, you must follow Dan, sister or even, it’s bradeso, I’ll play you. In order to achieve, under the basket, hit a high hit rate, the area under the basket is a high hit rate, the area is right, why we want to break through, are all to kill the basket, well, kill half stop stop, jump shot, stop jump shot, this is two options, the second choice, the first choice.

It must be, to get to the basket, ah, if there is no opponent, the protection of big brother players is like this. All of them are crowded in the middle. You can’t kill them. You can’t hit them. If you can’t reach the middle of the light, you can only stop the jump shot. Ah, this kind of breakthrough can only be said to be half completed, unless you think so at the beginning

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The 8.0 earthquake is coming!

September 23rd, 2020

The Lakers offered a very generous offer, Ingram, plus pants and waistcoat for eight times, and called Mr. Paul to sign the first round. It was said that the money was still in brackets. In the twinkling of an eye, I don’t know how to explain the No.1 scholar’s signature. Before decoration, ah, if you don’t talk about it, you can say it. It’s about this quotation and if the insurance is true. Anthony Davis is more than 95% likely to be in charge of the Los Angeles team. It’s eight days. I’m ready to see it. How about the 7788 now? If it’s true, we should emphasize that if the news is true, the offer is also true.

Now that the general direction has been discussed, let’s talk about the details. Well, the skin pair has only selected one offer. Well, it’s about the combination of personnel, whether to choose this or that problem, whether to want this money or that money, whether the money this year is private money or the next year’s money. This kind of problem is divorce. You can’t laugh. Well, I should thank the Celtics this afternoon. The Celtics have a feud with the Los Angeles team. Right, this one is on the way out and provides a competitive offer. Ah, I made ham for a while, but I don’t think it’s any good.

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The Celts can’t get off!

September 22nd, 2020

oday, with regard to Anthony Davis, the whole family went out. Ah, the old man spoke. We also said before Davis that we would update an episode of the program in the early morning. After receiving the news, Anthony Davis made it clear that he didn’t want to. Celtic team, do not believe Owen can reach a contract extension with Celtic team, ah, with our idea, the anticipation is almost unintentional, ah, consistent, but we have to say this, ah, is he really unwilling to go or there are some secrets we can’t know about us. Yes, let’s make a guess. Ah, if the guess is wrong, um, fans, give us an understanding. Well, we understand, but what we say is basically the same. It is from the original punishment and from the starting point of human nature to discuss this matter. How do you want to know what human nature is.

What he wants to do, of course, the ideas of the players are not important. All of them are in the hands of the boss. But how can you know what the boss thinks? You have too little information, right? Let’s say that it’s easier to analyze a player’s ideas, but how does an event happen.

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Rocket kill two birds with one stone!

September 21st, 2020

Let’s say the Rockets can’t pull it down. Well, the Rockets, ah, over the past few days, in this more than a week, there are a lot of rumors about 7788, right? They all focus on Wright Wright’s first round signing. For some, pure 3D players, and now there are cartons. In fact, bensmer is a tall defender. Ah, well, for this, we say that, when Anderson is trading, for example, Wright’s contract must be. Give up, ah, is playing Anderson, contract big card for small card, whole money for change is this concept is relatively easy to operate this thing, we have talked about, ah, before, some friends said that we did not talk about, ah and so on, ah, did not say that you did not hear ah, well, if we talk nonsense, then the bottom of the program will be one piece.

Yes, of course, we said these things are substantive content. Of course, the evaluation of various players and stars is right. Some fans can’t listen to it and attack us. There’s no way. How can’t we do this? This biography can’t.

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the Raptors are also very confused

September 19th, 2020

I also have a little bit of difference is that Xiaojia and valenshunas have reached a deal. This transaction, ah, revealed a signal, revealed a signal, what signal is, the Raptors have a large flow this summer. The possibility is very small. The possibility of a large flow of preparation is very small. But the Raptors are also very confused about their plan to leave Leonard this summer. This kind of operation can only be realized when the future is not optimistic. Now, there are more than 30 million tickets. If you add 30 million yuan to Lori’s, you have to sign 400 million pieces. Most of the contracts with two hundred million yuan in five years can’t be escaped. So 7788 adds up to 100 million yuan. We say that the salary cap is 110 million yuan, and the luxury tax should be more than 120 million yuan, that is to say, there are still 20 million.

The contract should be, super luxury tax, salary cap, no top, because Lori must have Byrd, which needs to be increased and won, and then, er, there should be twists and turns in this volume. If we don’t go ahead, we will definitely sign three 30 million yuan. We will not talk about it, right. However, it must pay the super luxury tax. If the super luxury tax is not triggered, it should not be over 40 years old in the past two years, but it will not trigger the super luxury tax. Then, it will only have 20 million salary space in the case of no wage cap

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the Cavaliers offensive vitality

September 15th, 2020

Just like Lu Wei’s fans, Crawford and other things, uh, Jr Smith, ah, these are all chaos fighting masters, and they are more suitable to play substitutes at high speed. Well, actually, yes, more to say, because James is superstitious about the three points of CS history.



Very superstitious, ah, sinc


e, Smith’s unreasonable three-point ah, came to the head of the slap, ah, this series, James like James, willing to improve, the Cavaliers offensive vitality, ah, anyway, do not defend, ah, what kind of defen


se, as long as the light can be, the Rockets? I feel ah, you have to think about it. In the west, based on the situation, ah, look at the west, these are good offensive and defensive teams, nothing to say, defense is particularly excellent, ah attack is particularly bad, defense is special, lazy attack is particularly excellent, ah, it is not received. Anyway, both attack and defense are good. Ah, the top four teams, including the top five teams. The Rockets are an exception. Ah, Fengxian position, I have just made up. According to my understanding, the best lineup should be Capella and tanks. And, shampoot, this is the dedication of this position, and then the two defenders Paul and harden calculate resistance, the problem of the main lineup, and then click, about the position of the guard, ah, other greenfurio mentioned the position of Fengxian cabella, did not mention kabela substitute, that that that play time.

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Paul George will not mention it

September 14th, 2020

We said that the player is excellent and excellent, but from his performance on the court, we can see that the technique has been basically set. Moreover, it’s very, very comprehensive. Can we make a major breakthrough? It’s hard to say, because we don’t have the potential of this superstar in terms of physical conditions. From the east to the west, this player is relying on IQ to play ball. The old player doesn’t rely on his strong physical fitness. So, his online is determined to be in this position. It’s hard to say that it’s almost impossible to play weishao, and the data can’t be produced. However, this is also an excellent player. This kind of player is very valuable.

Young and mature, ah, is the cultivation of a team. In fact, it can play for many years. I’m sure that we can fight against thieves for many years. We just don’t need to give too high a contract. I don’t think it’s worth giving too high a contract. Basically, a player like this is not very good. More than 30 million is almost enough, because it’s hard for you to expect that he can play such a performance as a superstar. This player is still a little bit biased. We’ll wait and see. OK, you are a very excellent player, but a person thinks that. The upper limit is limited, mainly subject to, his body, conditions, ability, of course, can not exclude the occurrence of accidents, right? For example, curry is an accident, ah, the physical quality of ordinary people, ah, of course, we are only in the NBA environment of ordinary people’s physical quality. But now, er, the achievements are already very great. I must list the high and low. Personally, I think that Simmons’ training space is larger than the training space of things. We will not mention the pursuit of Paul George. Paul George will not mention it

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NBA match are played first

September 12th, 2020

Well, in those days, ah, the Olympic World Cup final and the world boxing championship, the world champion championship, was at that time.

There is always a fight for the world champion every month. He has too many levels. There are many levels. Er, there are five kilos, five kilos and one half kilos. Bat, er, what else? What world is the world’s three major boxing organizations, I have forgotten, it should be WBF WB CW FC, a little bit forgotten. At this time, this is the leading actor. What, what kind of NBA game? Just dial a wave in front of him, ah ah ah, and then, in the middle, let’s play this world championship. After finishing, we’ll take out the latter part to fight for a fight, that is, ah, this game, the first two quarters of NBA match are played first and then released to the world. After the world championship is over, I’ll give you the back, two quarters, the third quarter and the fourth quarter. You don’t know how long he’ll play. He may play in one round together in three minutes. Well, he may play five rounds, he may play 12 rounds. It’s not nearly possible. It may take an hour to add up This.

A few days ago, many years ago, the CCTV 5 series, the sports express, the noon noon news, were the same, similar and the same situation

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Cape Hadden League

September 11th, 2020

The excellent representative Paul georgieby’s holding ability is weak. We said that Thompson and the first point guard of the Cape Hadden League, who can inherit Kobe’s mantle, we said at that time that who has the ball holding ability, who can be blank, who is the boss. There are many excellent scorers in history. Even if you have 60 points in three quarters, you can’t surpass harden’s ability now. MVP is not something that can be obtained casually. Only players with control board ability can make great efforts to climb the peak. Just like harden’s now, there is an MVP.

It’s very likely to win another MVP this year. An athlete like Thomson will never get an MVP in his whole life. Even if he is nearly 30 players, 31 points, 32 points, 33 points and 35 points can’t get the MVP. Why is this not the same type of athlete? Its essence is all his abilities. All his abilities have now been defined as the peak of his career, and its upper limit has been set.

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Time is not much, task is heavy!

September 10th, 2020

In accordance with the truth, the 76ers’ paper strength is so strong, the balance and excellent situation of each position should not be played like this. Enbede is still in the injury stage. Er, I don’t know what the situation is. In the end, it is for the round. It doesn’t matter. Of course, the third and fourth place in the West and East doesn’t matter. It’s a bit dangerous if you want to play fourth. Fourth, if you are likely to meet the Bucks, but it doesn’t matter.

In the case of breaking the third, the four rounds also need to touch the Raptors, which is not easy to play. So the West and the East really feel that, on a certain level, after the second round, after the first round, the fourth round is about to see the finals, so it is said. The 76ers’ NBA is still very, very important. For this team, Paul and George also have a rest. Personally, I think MVP doesn’t matter. If you don’t play very well in a few consecutive games, you can see that the player’s quality is you and Zhang dukulei. In this case, Paul and George are also very excellent. It can’t be said that he is not a good enough player. He was injured in the game. So today’s Tang poetry, the Timberwolves’ Tang poetry, 42 points and 17 points. It’s a pity if you read it correctly. AB this also lost the ball, we have been saying Oh, Tang Si is an excellent player, and before the NBA came out, Tang Shi was listed as the number one center in the future. We used to say that it was all about the NBA that got the ball. If the NBA got out, then Tang Shi retired.

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