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Celtic team lost,

August 19th, 2020

As we said before, thunder team Wei Shao doesn’t do their own things, right, but it can get three pairs. If you don’t work, it’s your own business. It doesn’t matter what your business is. You want to attack the basketball and bomb your opponents. You have to be willing to score high. You can’t get high scores. You can’t get enough. You should get it. Break up all have to come out, take it, if you rely on role players to make up for your scores, don’t you blush, don’t you blush? Which team’s absolute core is relying on the role player to accompany him to make up for his score to make up his data? Has it? Has it? Has it? Has it? It’s the same with the Celtic team inside, right? Owen, if you don’t have enough points Ability you, rely on, not cold, ah, rely on, Tatum ah, you rely on Luo Qi, son, you wait for them, burst you, really ah, you really don’t really feel a little worried, do you feel a little flustered. P2X o played very bad, that is, the Celtic team lost, ah, the third game back home Celtic team is very difficult to play, very rare, Bucks this is the test, we said, Lopez, tactical core points play out, the letters are kunbotan high score, I got him deserved.

Right, other teams lead and then drive other players to play, influence, ah, Bucks must cross the Celtic level, must have seen the Celtic team before it has a future.

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Letter song explodes!

August 18th, 2020

It’s as like as two peas in the same game. We will play the same way in the next match. It’s absolutely fine. Because the letter, brother Kun Bo doesn’t mean he wants to play, but he plays the most efficiently. You need to put the letters and songs out to three points. It’s unscientific and unscientific. It’s unscientific and unscientific. It’s a good physique, a good breakthrough ability, and a walking ability. This, the big three are too good, and the three parts of Zhejiang University are too good. Right? Such a good breakthrough, the ability to kill the opponent to make a match.

V ah, kill the opponent, ah, give the opponent a fatal blow, this is, he improves efficiency, this is a kind of performance of his university, ah, we said when we started this morning, we said before the start of the fight, at six o’clock in the morning, we said yes, right, ah, just play these three sets of ways, right, outside shooting. It’s not a big player on the inside, right? The first and second inside player. You’ll let Celtics huddle under the basket and let him defend. No problem. Just practice jump shot with him. Right? Stop the jump shot below the free throw line and make a foul with Kun Bo. Kill, injure, kill under the basket, kill the forbidden area. Well, even if he has three, four, and five piled up under the basket, it doesn’t matter that he plays like this. Kunbo’s ability to make fouls is too strong because he is three steps. First, he can’t walk. Second, he strides. He strides, moves laterally, and feels that you are fouls one by one. If you don’t keep up with your steps and don’t stand firmly, it’s a foul. Ah, his disguise ability is too strong. We said before that in our previous programs, er, when we played the first game, before the first game, the Bucks were the most prosperous.

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Durant weishao was still together

August 17th, 2020

We said three points, the first point is finished, and the second point is that this kind of activity is very frequent. Er, we still use a few main forces to create several main forces. However, these people are the main rotation lineup, that is, seven to eight people. Seven people deceive people. The exchange is very frequent and the patients are very fast. Well, there are still a few people, er, there are no new heads. I think it’s like this in the game. Ah, you can’t believe those role players. Ah, you can’t put in a digression. Now, there are a lot of them. Fans, including some commentaries, ah, I think it’s just the level of fans, that is, most of the amateur level. We’re not much different from the amateur level. I’m sorry to interrupt. Ah, how can I remember that my level is really limited. Ah, it’s between the fans. Ah, it’s not the fans who think that the warriors lose because of the poor reserve lineup of the warriors, or that the warriors’ life gate is the backup lineup. There is such a view that this idea is really funny and ridiculous warriors.

As for the five-star warrior, yes, his lineup can be split up and used. It doesn’t mean that he can dismantle the main force of the fight, but he just wants to play better, play more steadily, ah, the odds of winning are higher, and he can play all positions together. These, the backup lineup, poor? In the first two years, why not say, he came over this year to say that it was bad, and inserted in the previous two years, people think that the thunder team is poor, at that time, Durant weishao was still together, that thunder’s reserve line-up, the backup lineup, where the poor, just because of the main force. Too, intelligence is so powerful

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Rocket attack the Yellow Dragon!

August 15th, 2020

Although Durant’s single hit miss is very high, our overall shooting rate is within 4500. Well, when the shooting rate is very high, the other players can’t run with him. If you run, or you’ll give Durant a single. Your team will play for him. What’s missing three out? Missing four coming out. All right. Below, average, density, below average density, hit rate. Too much. Waste of physical energy. Run with him. Kuri. Igudara is so old. Green is right. He’s not all running with him. He’s curious, right? Because what we said before is the highest level of basketball game and the highest essence of theory, that is, if we can beat the warriors, only thunder and rockets can beat the warriors in the West. We have done all the programs in front of us, ah, in the middle of the season.

Apple probably won’t go over it, so let’s repeat, the individual defense ability must be strong, because at the end of basketball, any cooperation is to hit the individual, but it is impossible for five people to shoot together, right? It’s impossible to hand over the ball to the last one. Ah, who is the last person? A single defense must be right, stomach right, don’t give the vacancy. Compared with the Warriors team, it doesn’t matter whether there is vacancy or not. It doesn’t matter whether there is vacancy or not. It’s the same with no vacancy. The individual ability is too strong, right? So what you fight for is the high hit rate and high hit rate. This round, you will be effective your sister. D. other superstar players, superstars and superstars are all running with them, wasting their energy, and they can’t move until the end. They can’t move at all. They don’t follow the Rockets in front of them. Ah, they open up a gap, and then they are chased and bitten by the Rockets. They’re all bandits

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August 14th, 2020

Accidents happen, so I think Celtic team can ride out the dust, but at present, ah, all teams are in the arms race, under the circumstances, Celtic team has no advantage, so we are against Celtic. Know, ah and guidance, ah, we can’t say that we know something. For example, yes, a little opinion is that we should establish the second core point of the team in time. If you still want to prove that you still want to compete for the championship, but this kind of opportunity is already quite equal.

Loser, because of the euro, it’s up to us to discuss whether we can sign a contract with Celtic this summer. Ah, Owen. Now, there is a legend that he wants to go to New York. The Knicks and Durant will go to New York together. It’s possible to go to the nets. New York, the Knicks, the Knicks, or the nets. Anyway, there’s an appointment. Everyone, you know, this transaction is very likely to happen, mainly depends on whether the warriors can win the championship, how to win it, and whether Durant, the champion, can finally win the cup. FTP has the corresponding connection. When the playoffs are finished, the championship will come out. We will make an accurate analysis with you before the transaction, the deadline, and before the No. 1 vacancy.

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Block all fake fans!

August 13th, 2020

I want to remind some of the Celtics that they saw some netizens leave us a message. Don’t think that if you talk nonsense there, I don’t have the right to punish you, right? If you care. We don’t care if you are more than you are less than you are a focus. We don’t need to be right. If you slander us like this, it’s counterproductive for us. This netizen is very strange and strange. He said that we support Celtic team and support 76 people to win the championship. Well, so. We support the Raptors from the beginning to the end. At the beginning of the season, some netizens enthusiastically helped us find this program, 893, right? They told me that raptors and Celtics were just a game, and told me.

We lost. The Raptors are the championship. The defense team of the level is the champion. Right? From the beginning to the end, we all think so. Now that we have a small home, that’s even worse. Right? We say that the three teams in the East, the three teams in the East, the Raptors in the 76ers and the Celtics are our favorite three. Right, bucks, a sudden rise is not within the scope of our reference, we do not know, the Bucks will play in which, but we did not have too much evaluation of the bucks

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Vogel has a little level

August 12th, 2020

There is a rumor that I remember to move in as an assistant coach at the same time. I think it’s OK to match them. Vogel has a little level and a little ability, right? The eastern finals are not for nothing. Kidd is also talented. It’s just the advantage of small brains. Yeah, it’s often an experiment. It’s a little abacus. You need to be smart. I remember a story about a world that didn’t stop. Ah, you splashed water on the grass. You asked someone to check and call a pause. Ah, indirectly, it called a pause. Ah, it was magnified by the media. It’s too fake. It’s a smart lesson. Ah, but, er, I don’t think it’s time for me to get this qualification, right? It’s a bit stifling to do this kind of thing, but it can be seen that she is a smart coach. The relationship between him and the letter song, kunmo, is also the father son relationship. Ah, the relationship between vice chairman and bucks was cut off by the bucks. After Kunbo, it was clearly pointed out that, ah, I won’t have the bucks to renew their contract. I believe that this has been withdrawn now. Ah, we have to play the finals and get the MVP.

If we can’t play the finals or not, we say that we are really tired to do this program. In fact, I prefer to support a certain team to challenge the warriors when the bucks and Mongolia are qualified. Of course, we still have to watch it in the end. This, the warriors, is how, how, how, and, Durant’s injury situation is, ah, if the warriors are all in good shape, I personally think, ah, the Raptors are more challenging. If Durant is injured, there will be no one to guard against and no one can control

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take a group of clippers

August 11th, 2020

In the Lakers or in the clippers, James, join hands, your style, the added value is greater, or do you join hands with those shrimp soldiers and crabs, the added value is greater. You are selling Nike, the two big stars, to join hands to win the cup, is to improve your business value more, ah, divide more, or take a group of clippers, and then with the Lakers. Be, criticize PK right, kill James or kill James, that will have more added value. Is Nike a fool? Nike Company does not know how to operate? I just want to ask you, so this problem is very obvious, very obvious, the only factor affecting this matter is the 1% we said. 1% is, emotion, ah, guidance, take, quantity can only play emotional card, emotional card can control everything else. We do not need to discuss in terms of interests, if the volume is large, it will go to the Laker team. On purpose, only emotion can influence and shine. Of course, we have to say finally.

The clippers can have emotional cards, and every team has feelings. Let’s just talk about business interests. Lyonnard can get more

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James Durant is not in the scope of consideration

August 10th, 2020

We have to have this, understand the outside attack us, just want to leak out, oh, the attack of the players on the outside is more difficult than the inside defense. It’s more difficult than outside defense, players, defensive difficulty, offensive players, simple defensive players, high difficulty, offensive players, simple defensive players, high, so both are very difficult to enter. For more than ten years, I have seen the top three top three Durant 12373 with such excellent defense from outside players. The large amount of um, James Durant is not in the scope of consideration. We will not consider her because of these.

But we don’t discuss it. I believe that James Durant can do a lot of good work by putting 30% of his energy into defense. Ah, even better than him. I believe I absolutely believe that James Durant. Not in the scope of consideration, Kobe is not in the scope of consideration, just talking about the players like Liang Dadou. Let’s talk about it again, that is, if you get the MVP championship and get the finals MVP MVP. What kind of evaluation will MVP have in the finals? Ah, the first person in NBA is not Durant. It doesn’t matter whether you dare or not. Double MVP plus championship is the symbol and symbol of the first person in the league. There is no room for bargaining. That’s him. However, the difficulty is quite big, ah, but we have to know that it is very difficult to defeat the five-star warriors. However, we also have to say about the MVP. Time is short. Let’s talk about the MVP in the finals of the MVP. We also had a heated discussion in the group before

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Curry has endured for several years

August 8th, 2020

When we divide the rivers and mountains, ah, ah, we begin to have all kinds of changes in mentality, right? I said that when the water is moored in Liangshan, memory also needs to set up the banner of ink splashing books

Flying island, right? I’m really going to hand it in. It’s just that the spoils are not evenly distributed. Who gets more and who gets less? At this time, it’s not easy, right? It’s medium or not, easy or not. It’s all in the back. I’m sorry. Excuse me, ah, so say, you don’t expect curry and Durant to be able to make peace with each other. This is impossible. Ah, this is absolutely impossible. Curry has endured for several years, and I personally feel that he can’t bear it. Durant has such things, including his personal character. Integrity, he can’t let curry. After all, two players have no feelings. He and James and Durant are of two natures. Others play brother basketball. They play happy basketball, right? When they are happy, they are not happy when they are unhappy. Right? Now when there are differences, they are not happy.

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