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The understanding ability of fake fans makes me marvel!

August 31st, 2020

It’s very dangerous for the Denver to beat the Spurs. The strict troops are the ones who play the routine with you. If the Nuggets play the routine with the Spurs, they can’t beat the Spurs. What kind of teams are the Spurs afraid of? The crazy teams? The superstars? They are really unreasonable players who play with you or not. These players play with your personal abilities for example a few days ago.

If the address is wrong, you can listen to one program after another. Please comment on it and you will never reply to you again. The Spurs, pacurie, Durant and Wayne, the neurotic players who don’t play tricks with you, including James Wade, are not of this type. James Wade is not a neurotic player, not the kind of player. He who plays unreasonable basketball with you is playing reasonable basketball. Therefore, the heat have no advantage over the Spurs. The finals are also played one-to-one. There are abnormal 13-year-12-year finals. This champion is still bumpy or bumpy up the champion ah, Ray Allen saved three points. Since it is the champion, Murray scored 10 points in the last three minutes. Don’t you see that this is Kobe’s body? The Spurs have reduced Kobe Durant and kuriway to such players. Don’t talk to you about Kobe, only Durant Curie can delete the Spurs. Today, Morey played such a state. In the last 10 minutes, the last three minutes, my grandfather scored 10 points and the last three minutes scored 20 points. This is what we call the hero.

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Nuggets will fight to the death!

August 29th, 2020

Let’s talk about the Spurs and the Nuggets again. Then, in the last program, some netizens would like to ask, um, how the Nuggets beat the Spurs. The argument before that was how the Spurs beat the Nuggets. In fact, what was the Spurs like. It’s not clear to everyone. Most people know it, but they can’t express it, right? Listen to our program to let you have a deeper understanding of the Spurs. Now we’re going to talk about how the Nuggets beat the Spurs. First of all, we’ll talk about what kind of athletes the Spurs are afraid of. What kind of team? A psycho team? A superstar. He doesn’t give you regular players, talent and personal abilities, but the decision is not. We said before that no matter which program we talk about the Spurs and the Nuggets, we mentioned that the Nuggets don’t have such players.

There is no such player. In the last game, if it was not the God of Morey, today’s game was very bad, right? If you can play this kind of performance every field, you will not be called Murray. We told our friends in the group before, you don’t call morela, you call Kobe, you call Durant, and your name is curry.

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76ers played against Celtic

August 28th, 2020

This, er, this fool’s plan. But I don’t rule out, ah, so I personally think it’s not possible to change the array directly tomorrow because of my personal understanding. It’s not more than 80%, not more than 20%. It should be said that it’s not more than 20% small probability, event, very low probability, so to speak.

The aspect is that when you want to identify it now, it itself has a feeling of weakness. He has a sense of loss. You can see how many games the 76ers played against Celtic last year. Start, change. Right, when the third game was 0-3, ah, on this Mike. Is Cornell right? Well, of course, we have to say that, ah, some coaches are more knowledgeable about the current affairs and flexible. For example, shell’er, for example, after 15 years of champion, when he was 1-2 behind, he went on a Dala and changed into an array. He not only won the championship, but also opened up a new one. Please, the times are right, so it’s just different from ordinary people. So an excellent coach is how to say, it’s a man of high skill and courage, but I don’t know if mcmullon is such a one. Well, let’s watch the game tomorrow. Let’s see how the game is. When things happen, we speak with facts.

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the Rockets were behind in April

August 27th, 2020

The Rockets, warriors, ah, let’s not talk about it. These two teams have the ability to instantly open the score gap, or close or contrast or open. Right, it doesn’t matter when they fall behind. You don’t have to worry. In fact, we said last season that the Rockets were behind in April and may. Eight points is very good to worry about. Is there something wrong with him? In 40 minutes of a single quarter, you go over our program last year. That’s what we said, right? I just talked about the ability of 40 points in a single quarter. We said that in the game of 50 points in a single quarter, we said that 40 points in a single quarter was a common occurrence last season.

This, the season seems to be a little less, because the main, Guanghua has been captured by this hadenso, ah, we all go to see how many points harden has scored today, but the offensive ability of the Rockets is still, put here, because harden is excellent, not right. Then the Rockets are the same. There is a 40 point ability in a quarter, right. So, ah, the situation is very dangerous. Ah, the Jazz are living in a very, very dangerous situation. Ah, the rate is about 4:0 to take away directly. The Jazz team, er, we have to say, ah, the Rockets have suffered from the Jazz for so many years. This year, or even two years, I think it is zero. Dai Li, the old and the new hatred are all written off, ah, four to zero sweep, the jazz, then we and the Jazz team, the new hatred and old hatred, never again.

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Also lost the future!

August 26th, 2020

Why three doubles is not three doubles. It’s because of the data. Every day I want to go. I have to cut three doubles to play in the playoffs, right? Three win-win? Is there a game? 29 points, 11 boards, 14 assists. Gorgeous data ah, what data? James is the data. Amsterdam Fashion can win, Wei Shao’s triple double is about to lose. Smile at you. You are not born to be such a person. Your ability is not to play triple doubles. You are going to cut the peak. Look at the high score and kill the opponent. This is the essence of wechat business. If he doesn’t learn any lessons, he deserves to lose. Well, thunder deserves it, and wechat business deserves it. He is 31 years old in 1988, and he will be in this state next year. Ah, can we still play like this in the future? We are the same in our eyes. Yes, criticism, and thunder team, help me choose us. Suppose the pioneers, imagination, etc. are really under bad pressure, and they are really very good in our previous programs. Ah, when we talk about the pioneers, we will talk about Lina’s case. In fact, we don’t mean that we are wise after the event to praise Lillard. When we talk about the pressure, we will talk about it.

This, the role is very, very cruel role, you see, Michael and Lillard two personal level, almost, you also score the ability is similar, but why Michael and Lillard, the gap is so big, ah, the gap is so big, the brother is also very good, this condition is also very good, you cultivate is also the absolute core of the team.

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Curie created the era of the ball!

August 25th, 2020

Ready to begin to appreciate the clippers, how to overturn the warriors, the confrontation is also stolen, ah, cast a vote for two, ah. From the beginning of preparation to enjoy, have a look, find a way for the Rockets, how to say, well, even if they find a way, the Rockets do not necessarily have such players or such configuration to deal with, ah, so I personally think it is most important to play their own match well in each series. After watching a episode, Reeves poured chicken soup into his heart again. Ah, after playing the game, he and his teammates were in the dressing room, shaking their arms and shouting. Br br br what do you mean? Be ourselves, Zou, do us at noon. We are ourselves.

It’s different from what we said, ah, different. Wei, Shao has to say, thunder, Wei Shao wants to be true. I want to be myself, right? Well, I don’t mention it. Why are the fans sad and sad? Ah, the first superstar to leave. In the past, ha, let’s talk about this advantage. Yes, well, if you look at what we said, it’s true. You watch a few programs, from the morning till now, there are not many people who hit us in the face. No, almost no, say, hit us in the face, right. You, don’t say, warriors 4:1, clippers, it’s a matter of course, join hands to advance, right? No one beat you, we just look for things to attack, our come to black, we hit our face is the warriors fans. To be more precise, the precise positioning is the low-level and low-quality brain powder in KULI. I already think it’s very clear. Ah, it’s all minors. If you’re still hacking us after the age of 18, you’re a minor.

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there are rumors that the ratings

August 24th, 2020

It’s a wise decision to give Middleton 70 million yuan in four years to bradeso in four years, 70 million yuan in four years, bradeso, and netizens have just left us a message saying that the salary cap is rising every year, four years, 7000, and 17.5 million yuan a year is not expensive. It can reach 1850 next year, right? 1900 in the next year and 20 million in the fourth year. It can’t be said that this year is 16 million, next year 1700, 7800 and then 1900, right? The average is 17.5 million and now 1600. It’s not expensive to have a meal. Er, there are rumors that the ratings are very poor this year. Of course, we don’t know about the situation when we play in the finals. Now, you don’t have to listen to it, because what’s the ratings in the final. I don’t know how much revenue, and ah, the main assets and the main revenue have been fixed. Ah, this kind of broadcasting right is fixed every year, how much should it be, so it is only in other uncertain income.

There will also be ups and downs of the vibration, right, but it has not said that the NBA has never said that we have never heard of, that the wage cap only rises but does not fall. I have not heard of this matter. Then, if the wage cap continues to remain unchanged or is slightly small next year. Under such circumstances, what should we do? After all, you have sent out 70 million yuan in the past four years, and you can’t take back the water poured out during the four years. Therefore, I personally think that the 70 million yuan in four years has been given to Bradshaw. It’s very difficult to look at the contract. Let’s see, the game verifies our statement by the competition.

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the core point of the 76ers team

August 22nd, 2020

Strong suppression, under the circumstances, ah, yes, in the case of Xiaojia, we have also said that Xiaojia has defensive volume, ah, withstanding the details of the NBA. As we have said in previous programs, we will not repeat here, the same as today’s game, well, Peter did not. Any, advantage, ah, but some netizens asked, did not have the advantage, then, how to do, ah, want to suppress is not suppressed, how to do, how to still so big, this can’t you also, how to do, because embid is ah, is the core point of the 76ers team, if you don’t play. If Peter can still play, what makes people sigh is 60000. Ah, it’s also very distressing and embarrassing. If you don’t play, NBA, your team’s advantage is here. If you don’t play or you can’t play, then what can you do. Well, of course, I think Simmons, ah, embid is still a very excellent athlete. After playing this year, I think he is the first center in the league. Ah, there is nothing to say. We have to achieve now, ah, the so-called Tang poetry, ah, the so-called Tang poetry playoffs.

No, I can’t answer. I don’t want the data. Right? I don’t want this score. I don’t have a record. I don’t think it’s good or bad. Its owner is right. It’s good to have a look at Yue Ji. Come on, big one

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the Clippers successfully reached

August 21st, 2020

When the warriors were in crisis, when the whole staff was weak, Durant stood up, reflecting the absolute core of a team, owned, value led, the warriors beat back, the Clippers successfully reached the semi-finals, so these two teams ah. It can be said that the spirit is booming, ah, the fierce battle is in full swing. I believe this game must be very, very, and sticky. So I want to say whether you want to listen to this kind of program. I feel sick. Ah, this kind of program can also be called a program, or a program. We say that we are talking about the content, and you need to listen to the content, right There’s a lot of coverage in the newsletters, but listen to it, right? Compare our program to other programs. It’s OK. Is disguised attack a disguised attack? We, ah, No. I feel disgusted when I turn over the summary. Ah, if the previous programs are made up, I make them up. I dream about what I think and what I say,

Almost, ah, ah, this form, which, the playoffs, ah, can be copied, right, rockets, warriors, the two teams of the name of the home team, you can get rid of you, you can put seven or six people raptors, ah, set everyone, line format, formula, hum this kind of program. You can, call, show. Well, well, I can only say that I lost your IQ

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First change!

August 20th, 2020

The Bucks’ tactical core point is on the mainland, right? When your machine comes, it’s the same, right. This tactical core point has been strengthened. I now put the two core points together, which is called the tactical core point. As long as the tactical core is not the team core, not the team player core, the absolute core of the player is, er, self binding, and the team with poor self breakthrough can not play well. Who wants the truth? Then, how can the child do well? That is, if you want to hide under the basket, I can’t escape. I can’t throw it. I’ll just go into you. If you want to cringe inside, I’ll practice projection. I’ll practice middle distance. OK, I’ll make a sentence. Anyway, I don’t want all the rebounds. I can’t get them when I get to the basket, right? I’ll give you Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya, right? Break through, break through, break through the middle distance, break through the free throw line and stop at the middle distance. Well, that’s it. It’s a simple way, right? But I don’t.

Say ah, this dialectical is too early. Before this moment, it may be wrong. It has been wasted and can’t afford to lose. I’m afraid that zero to two is right. You have to take these weapons early. Ah, there is no secret. At the same time, it’s a sign of weakness. I’ll hold it. But if, in the case of success, the running shoes of the mainland and the United States, in fact, I think it means that no matter who can take care of the insurance, then he may not be able to defend this kind of defense, the chain type defense zone and the joint defense. I think it’s too early. According to the Bucks’ individual ability, the overall strength of the team has not reached this stage

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