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Uncle bearded is crazy

July 20th, 2020

Make a short program. Ah, I didn’t watch the competition. After watching it in the evening, I would like to talk about the objective feelings of the specific competition. I should have made a program last night, because last night I did. I want to talk about the ranking of the eastern and western parts of the western region. I want to say that some teams have already played the inherent record, and some teams are still striving for the inherent record. Ah, let’s talk about it. Then yesterday, XX has already reached nine wins and three losses. Today’s competition has won again, ten wins and three losses. Classic 1.6 to seven factories, seven to eight factories, ah, when three wins and three losses, some netizens questioned, ah, in the end, double star harden and weishao can do, we said at that time you don’t have to worry about the season just started, but we still have to watch it slowly. On the other hand, there are not many ball teams with two.

One of the superstars is already very good. The two superstars are not bad. If they don’t play in the playoffs, it’s unscientific and humiliating. Well, it’s not surprising to play in the first four in the Western Conference, because other teams are not competitive, right. Well, so, before that, we had to delete it carelessly. You can see, now mustache has three points for crazy people. We say that many fans are still talking about harden. Is it possible to break Jordan’s record of 37 points per game. Last season, broken, Kobe, record this season to break Jordan’s record, I would like to say this or that sentence, like James, for him, ah, is of great significance, for the individual implication is huge, but can it affect the NBA’s historical ranking? We are playing the historical ranking? This win. It is also relatively small

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Glorious retirement of pioneers

July 18th, 2020

Let’s talk about today’s two games. Today, there is no important game. The other game is chicken or fish belly team. When it comes to this, some netizens asked if the Suns will have a chance to play the playoffs this year. From now on, you are very big in the end. Ah, although today’s game was lost, but the team above, however, the Blazers, ah, now nurkic can’t come out to replace the G7, and can’t recover from injury. The impact on the Blazers is really huge, and now it’s for this one. For the understanding of position five, if you don’t fully understand it, you have to kneel down now. If you’re occupied, you have to fight like this. Now, the pioneers don’t have many machines for her. Today’s words are not even on the Internet. If I read them correctly, I don’t know if there is such a person.

Two meters three 206 play camp five position ah death, five small to fight others have camp big brother’s those, how do you win, at the end of the game to look at the biggest difference in the score, close to 20 points of the game, finally play back a little, but you can see, there is no way to fight, do not care whether there is reason. But I don’t care whether there is micro, but whether there is. Nuoji is too important. No, cherish me. It has a great impact on the Blazers. Today, however, some netizens remind us that nurkiki’s double illness is serious, and it will take at least a year to recover.

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Jay Brown said the salary did not match

July 17th, 2020

The program said Celtic team, trade with Spurs, Derozan, Murray, and then change, ah, Hayward and Jay Brown said the salary did not match, the difference was 9 million.

The salary does not match, x900 I don’t know? You all know the calculation, right, two wages plus one calculation do not know, say can’t trade, I tell you, in the NBA as long as the cap is not top, this is, the principle of salary cap is not top, there are any other ways to have very good. Many ways. As long as you think of the ways you can’t think of, there are too many ways that you can’t think of. I’ll say again, I also said that when I taught Anthony Davis, they said, oh, this one doesn’t seem to work, that doesn’t seem to work. The big three group can’t work. I’ll say that. As long as you want to do it, there is room for trading. As long as you have this intention, what the general manager does is that he gets several million dollars a year. Ah, is he not good at calculating this matter? Then, he won’t sit in this position. I’ll take millions of dollars. Well, I can also figure out that, there are nine million, salary mismatch, labor agreement is one, oh, this is a very complicated thing for NBA, we haven’t seen, you have seen Lao Tzu bring a full English version of the right player.

Can you see any details of the player’s contract? Can you see it? You can’t see it at all. Firstly, you don’t know the details of the labor agreement, right? Secondly, you don’t know the details of the player’s contract. Ah, it’s just there. We have to learn from the past experience. Analysis of the occurrence of this kind of transaction

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Spurs’ last chance

July 16th, 2020

The first game of tomorrow’s game starts at six o’clock. Ah, four or six o’clock is basically unable to see. Er, as soon as you open your eyes, the game should have ended. Yes, the Spurs and the Suns, good-looking, should be right words on the opponent suns, five people’s views, first of all, I support the Spurs, I absolutely support the Spurs, but I also hope the suns.

Until we get to the playoffs.

I think, ah, the king suns spurs Blazers have gone, ah, the front three teams snatched so two places, which is a comparison, ideal ah, I think the Timberwolves hope to happen? Sorry, ha ha, pay attention to the playoffs, and live as far as possible. Well, I can’t read wechat all the time. Personally, I can’t look up to me all the time. Fourth, as for why we can’t play the playoffs, we’ll do it after the horse. In fact, the predecessors have said that the coat is almost the same. Ha ha, you can listen to the programs in front of you. I support the Spurs, ah, because I believe that the Spurs, even if they are wrong, I believe His game tomorrow, I think, ah, in the future, at least 80% or 90% can determine whether the Spurs can play in the playoffs today, if it is a disastrous defeat. Although it’s a challenge to the Suns, if it’s a fiasco, it can be said that 80% of the Spurs will be sentenced to play in the playoffs. Ah, tomorrow will be the game. They are all competing against each other. The Suns King team, ah, this game will be played with the Cavaliers in front of them in mass production. It’s hard to say.

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July 15th, 2020

In the first half, the Lakers didn’t make good use of the inside line. The dominant bucks played a lethal three-point game. The score was opened to 19 points. In the first half, then seven points were won and seven points were finally won. In the second half, the Lakers chased 12 points. In two years, after 12 points, Anthony Davis played a strong role in the second half and made good use of the interior advantage. This game will come back. But we have to say that the worry of the Lakers is that the first veteran has too many injury problems, and the second is repeatedly digging holes. On earth, no matter what, playing against the wall and playing weak is repeated. The first two quarters of the pit, even 123 quarters, are digging in the fourth quarter and the third quarter. The opponent is the bucks. Yes, we should be vigilant. The bucks are not weak teams. They are not for you. You can fill them in if you want. In addition, we will talk about the bucks. The Lakers are all real, there is no water. You can see James, the first half of the data out of this situation, this, the desire to survive, Zibo, Kunbo and Anthony Davis, are true, there is no problem. In addition, we want to talk about the winning side, not complacent, the failure of the party, do not need to be frustrated, everyone good.

Their own advantages, right? The western team, James and the Laker should aim at the western team. When they play in the finals, they are also your opponent, and they are not the Eastern team bucks selected by you. They are also aiming at the Eastern team rather than the western team. Therefore, the western team is going to study the team’s game. Eastern team, to study, Bucks’ ball is of textbook significance. These letters and Kun Bo’s three-point 85 are not normal. George Hill, is it? Shooting rate, seven times four, three-point shooting, driving is not normal. So this game should be alerted. Well, the Laker team will encounter such a team in the future, because there is such a team in the western region who throws three points crazily and has such 1.5 fast fleet missiles. If such a team meets such a team, we should pay attention to what we should pay attention to, such as, how to pay attention to the shooting and hit rate of the outside line, and how to defend high.

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James is the best in history

July 14th, 2020

This season, if you don’t think about the record of the fighter, it doesn’t matter. Let me brush it. The data may be in a strong team. You may not be able to brush it out. If you really want to brush it seriously, it’s quite tiring. The average game, 25 points, or even 20 points per game may reach 38 or 9 years old. It’s very hard for me, ah, James. My career and average score per game are above 20 points. I believe it is possible that the only one after Michael Jordan. Well, if you want to have a 15-year hook or a 20-year working experience, it seems that there are not many of these historical gods who have scored 20 points every season.

It seems that Michael Jordan is the only one, right? You can check the data. OK, Duncan doesn’t have Kobe or Kobe. Let’s count it slowly. There’s no Kobe, either. O’Neal, Malone, Jabbar. Michael Jordan should be right. The Wizards have played 20 points in two years. All the seasons in all careers have 20 points and more than 20 teams. This is also a great honor. Can you wait until then? You can have a look. Entertainment is OK. The rest is left to young friends. Young players are going to play Jingxiang. With this championship, we should accept the fact that a great star will retire. At present, we still have the ability to compete for the championship. We all say that we should not ask too much of James from the Laker team or many James fans. I think that is the three-year plan for last year.

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Three truths

July 13th, 2020

Three truths. First, in Jordan’s first year in the NBA, scouts reported that he would not be left-handed and would not hit the ball. Results Jordan rookie average 28 points per game, shooting rate of 52%, and is more and more fierce: into 1985, the basic has been 30 points per game. He said the scouts’ misinformation gave him a lot of chances: the opponent really thought he couldn’t jump shot If a guard scores efficiently for more than ten years, who believes he won’t jump shot

Second, when Jordan entered the industry, Vicky went to Dr. J and said, “J, that’s you who can shoot jump shots.”

Third, as we all know, “the shot” is a jump shot. The first shot in the 1997 finals was a jump shot, and the last shot in 1998 was a jump shot. In fact, according to BBR’s statistics of all the second smashes in NBA history (not just winning the ball), Jordan finished 9 by himself, the most in history. And nine wins, all jump shots. The one closest to the basket was the one that hit the floor against the hawk, a 14 foot long jumper. If you have to say that Wang’s jump shot is not top-notch in history, I think it’s not very reasonable

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A single season of 400

July 10th, 2020

A single season of 400 is also one, often record ah, he is 82 games relative to the results of a single quarter, compared to a single game, a single quarter, this is a long-term, I mainly look at which record is more precious, as we said. This record is 40000, and 411 has not been reached. Let’s just talk about it. For another example, this is often envious. It’s a super long record. Once this record happens, it’s precious, and you have to control it.

In other words, it broke the record of 38000 points, with 10000 rebounds, 10000 rebounds and 10000 assists. It’s not enough to say that the knife is enough. Because, with a grand foundation, ah, a historical scoring king, plus 10000 rebounds and 10000 assists, wow, that’s terrible, right? Ah, turn it over and talk about harden and curry. Then we don’t mean that curry has 400 seasons in a single season. He is not good enough, but because it is a three-point era, we have become a habit to cast three-point. You can look at the three-point record in the past two years. You can see that there are more and more players casting three-point, and they are more and more accurate.

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official! The Bundesliga announced the first of five major leagues to reopen on May 16

July 9th, 2020

The Bundesliga official announced that the Bundesliga and the Bundesliga League will be officially restarted on May 16, and it is planned to end from June 27 to June 28. The Bundesliga league from then on will be conducted in the usual new way. If everything goes well, this season’s League is planned to end from June 27 to June 28.

The German Cup will be held in July. The Bundesliga was suspended on March 13 and has been closed for nearly two months. Now, with the stable epidemic situation in Germany, the Bundesliga ushers in the return, and the Bundesliga is also the first league among the five major leagues to announce its restart.

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No! The football association cup or the match system in July will be adjusted in three aspects

July 8th, 2020

Last night, the Bundesliga, known as the first Football League to restart in Europe, the Korean K League, which started the first week before, led the international football field. However, American fans are most concerned about the success of the Chinese Super League, but there are different opinions about the start of the game. A few days ago, it was reported that in 2020 season, the scheme of the Chinese Super League was rejected by the relevant departments. It is learned that the football association needs to provide more detailed and emergency plans before it can be passed. However, the opening time of June 27 has not been changed. To ensure safety, the first few rounds of the League will be empty, and then gradually by stages.

The football association cup will not be cancelled in the scheme drawn up by the football association this season, but it will greatly adjust the competition system and become the main theme. Of course, if the epidemic situation repeats, the football association cup will be cancelled at that time.

At the beginning of July, shortly after the start of the league, the football association cup will start until December. However, compared with previous years, the competition system of the football association cup is adjusted in three aspects: first, amateur teams will not participate; second, in addition to the final, the main away two rounds, other words are single elimination. Third, in the absence of so many teams, the Chinese super team will be put on the third round ahead of schedule, while the first round will be the competition between the second class teams.

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