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Strength is king!

July 31st, 2020

The curtain of the 2019-2018-19 season has come to an end, and all the six awards have been sorted out. We didn’t know much about them yesterday. Let’s put it down. It suddenly occurred to me that several NBA awards have not been moved. Ah, a knife. The 191 season has not been completely finished. I made a program about the candidates and results of the six awards. Ah, it doesn’t affect the weight. I failed to live up to our expectations. Ah, I said six kinds of five wrong. Tom and Russell, I personally think that it’s worthy to be seen in Xi’an, so to speak, need to, Tom, the athlete, er, when the season started in September and October last year, we appreciated and hoped that the fans would pay more attention to it. There are more than 900 programs for all of them, and others can listen and hope to pay more attention.

Attention, for these players, young players can play out, there are not many players with superstar and superstar potential in the future, but these two are backup candidates, one thing, one thing, and one person who won the award for the fastest improvement player in time. I don’t think Lhasa will be competitive enough in the future. We’ll talk about it later. The book may lose, ah, the ranking is too high. Everyone expects too much from him. Well, this progress is not as good as people think. Well, we need Kam. It’s really for fans and friends to share the feeling of the guests and the media. So congratulations. Seattle is easy to read. There was no big problem with other awards in the past. Ah, keep it, and be consistent

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Owen himself did not want to go to the nets

July 30th, 2020

These young players are trained to sell. They are all trained to sell. Every player plays in 1516 and 1617. These players include, who played Russell for more than 20 minutes at that time, and the transition time will not have happened. Right, I’m sure you have more than 20 minutes of playing time to give you a chance. I’ll give you the ball and play so that you can get good grades. In junior high school, there is only one thing for you, that is, when you grow up and sell, the magic three giants will do these things for this, so to sum up. There is no hope for the Celtic team. There is no hope for Owen to stay in the Celtic team. It is imperative for Owen and Liu Kai to leave the Celtic team. The probability of staying is very small, very small, very small. He has only a few places to go: New York, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, New York. Because you are now for Durant’s injury problem, even if you unilaterally, win Owen, you can’t stop the three giants, then the impact on the playoffs is still more difficult, so it is not enough to spend these time, training, ah, young rookies continue to set up stalls.

Wait, more of this high-quality draft right to dig out young players, to be a 123 echelon, we also said that the nets are eager to pick up Owen is also to pick up a bargain, Owen himself did not want to go to the nets, just want to go to New York Knicks with Durant. Now, the nets feel cheap and want to do this kind of work and want to do this house. Finally, I hope Celtic fans can be calm, impatient and recuperate. With such a record of one or two years, the growth and smooth transition of brown and Tatum, Haywood’s commodity contract will be two years later. A giant is back on the throne in the East.

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Check the free market in 2019!

July 29th, 2020

Let’s take a look at all the transactions today. Ah, most of the education and the education that we pay attention to. Let’s talk about it briefly. Ha, there are right and wrong things. Some friends told me that you should have done it at that time. The second choice is, each player gives two choices, then you are all right. However, we can’t do this. Ah, we can’t do this. We’d rather take the risk of being beaten in the face. Er, we should also elaborate personal views. In fact, basically, I have already. Basically, it’s in place. Ah, in the end, some of them are consistent with my ideas, right? There are also some that are different from my ideas. Well, first of all, ah, Thomson, Liu Yong is successful, ah, no problem, right? Durant, because Durant is still on Durant’s problem.

Personally, I think we should stay in the warriors. Now we’ve gone to the nets to get out of the body. Ah, but when we hit the goal, I didn’t have any friends. Our friends said you should add that. The nets are likely to win Durant and Owen. Since you believe that Durant and Owen can be together, you should add this choice, right? We have also added this choice before. We also said in our program that Owen can’t influence Durant’s decision. It must be his own decision. I don’t believe Owen

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The second one is to hold Russell’s

July 28th, 2020

But in the second echelon, the top second tier is the second tier of the league, and it also has a place. Now it can play 20 plus a field average. The nets team with baskets into the playoffs shows that the player’s ability is still there, but compared with those better and better players, we are a little bit behind us. You can also see him in the garbage, because other players are even worse than the warriors. The main purpose is to be smooth and transition, waiting for Thomson’s injury to return. The second one is to hold Russell’s waiting transaction. This team is composed of three carriages.

As long as he is well matched, as long as he is able to match the candidates needed by his tactical system, the warriors can win the championship in the revival, ah, er, it is very difficult to win the championship. Curry will take it all his life, and the iPhone VPN is too sleepy, but there is still hope. Ah, but there is still hope, because the Western teams are very average, all very, average, as long as you have good luck, you can play in the finals, and then, with good luck, you can win the cup, so warriors fans, don’t worry too much, don’t worry too much, but also have this faith, the warrior team. Thomson and green have won the championship and won 73 victories in history. You should have confidence in him, right? The second point is that his age level and age structure have not yet reached. Ah, this kind of collapse is not needed. Tommy has not yet reached this kind of field, so it can still be. Playing for a long time, we can still persist for two or three years. Waiting for a chance to clink cups is worth looking forward to. Every team has a chance not to give up too early

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Never keep your word!

July 27th, 2020

I, personally, it’s just a matter of poor people’s choice. Ah, just in New York, the Knicks didn’t get much money, right? Two years, 20 million, right? So in the Spurs, it’s almost like that. Why do you choose New York instead of spurs, right? It’s actually a very good choice. It’s a lot of NBA players. He’d rather have less. Some things, you also have to go to a certain team, a certain team or two, to do something you want to do, to complete some tasks that you want to complete. It’s a kind of mission and a kind of destiny. You can see that, just like Barry Parker this year, other teams don’t play any more, and this young one doesn’t want to, right? So although it’s two-way. Er, this player option should be told to the school, but don’t you think that Jabari park can get a higher team, get a higher score, contact? Ah, I think the main reason, I think the main reason, is only 5.6 million. It’s still a matter of planning for the future. After all, it’s still young players. On the issue of the future, well, if you join a strong team, you don’t have time to play, you don’t have a tactical position. So you’re not good for your future career development. Go ahead and go to the garbage team like the eagles.

Well, the bulls, eagles, pistons, etc. let you go. Playing this kind of team is with these young players who want to make achievements in the future. Although this kind of team can not provide you with a lot of annual salary and treatment, it is given to you. Enough time, enough right to shoot, so that you have enough time to play, have time to play your own value, just like the Rockets signed, er Ariza, ah, the Rockets signed Ariza is the same, ah, the same is true of Ariza, which also gives Ariza the absolute right to fire.

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he Western Conference

July 25th, 2020

It’s worth mentioning that the warriors, if we can, we said in the last program, if we can, in the middle of the season, in the middle of the season. In order to maintain the eighth position in the Western Conference, then Thomson can, and the comeback can assist me. I always think that Thomson’s season should pay no reason for the whole unemployment certificate. In the regular season, if he is the eighth in the west, he should be a comedy according to his strength. What about youkuli? Well, the intermittent short circuit today is not his normal level. I believe that the things in the library, the library’s ability, the two MVPs, right? Er, such a heavy three-point ability, even without Thomson, is often the top of the wall.

We should get out of the game with an average of four, five and three points. But now, in the first snow, you can’t see any problems. The problem is to solve the problem. The ball should be played one by one. We can’t open a single ball game. But what kind of team is the warriors now? Ah, other machines in the West. The western region is not in order. There are seven or eight teams, almost that is, they pursue what she wants, go to, ah, this, the opponents of Jiaozu or fight for are just these other teams, but it’s normal to play

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Laker team

July 24th, 2020

These players add up, four position five position, sometimes still, not so much as 96 minutes, you can guess, the use is almost the same, ah, koshins Howard, plus two three people McCarthy eat the fifth position, share the time, sometimes play one big four small. Anthony Davis doesn’t have to play for a long time. Anthony Davis has a strong personal ability. Don’t doubt that. The previous games were not so good. This team also needs to adjust step by step. It’s not so fast, just like the fast fleet. The Clippers are all new teams to the Lakers.

Yes, give it two months. As we said before, let’s take a look at James James, who played three quarters, played in 22 minutes and scored 17 points in 22 minutes. Right? We said that’s the winning mode of the Laker team. James, no matter what kind of game we play in the end, may be overturned by a 20 point lead. He doesn’t care about him. When we see the Lakers now, what kind of hero mode is from him? The advantages he has accumulated are how James played very little in the first three quarters, played very hot shots, rarely played very few pouts, just in the fourth quarter, doing this with you to play in the playoffs is a great advantage, because we know that James is in him and me. Your weakness and weakness is his physical problems. If you put aside the physical problems, he is invincible. Therefore, if these Western teams want to play with the Lakers, the first time is to force the power out of the first three quarters, so that they can have an advantage in the fourth quarter and defeat the Lakers.

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Don’t laugh at teenagers!

July 23rd, 2020

After that, the Mavericks and the Los Angeles team played the next day, which also produced the epic data. James and the East and West sakazaki reflected each other, so. We see, problem, ah, we watch these players, generally speaking, they don’t stray, they don’t look out of sight. They are really excellent players. We said last season, ah, we opened some reports from foreign media and saw a video from foreign media. The program entered the NBA at the age of 18 and followed B2 at the age of 19. Which of these players in the NBA has the best efficiency? The data of the best record will greatly improve the team. Among these players, er, which of these players are Jordan.

There are James O’Neill, the Spurs’ twin towers Duncan and David Robinson. These players add another thing. He is the best player to enter the NBA at the age of 19. Well, so we need to pay attention to it. We really need to pay attention to it. You see, we have 29 points today, and the game is not finished. 29 points, 14 rebounds, 15 assists, such an exaggerated data, ah, only played in the second year, 20-year-old, ah, how to play again, I will say that the same year’s James, ah, the data are not necessarily better, ah, the East and the west, James reached the league’s playoffs in the third year. You may also play the playoffs in the next year. Ah, after finishing the previous programs, some netizens left us a message saying that the Mavericks could play the playoffs. He laughed at us and ridiculed us. He could see one of them directly. I personally feel that the Mavericks can’t play the playoffs

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if there is no Owen world

July 22nd, 2020

So not in its long-term planning, the other second point is that Celtic’s essence is good. Its essence is excellent performance of last season. It can also be seen that if there is no Owen world, then Celtic’s ranking can be improved by dog urine disease. In fact, it is one or two in the East, so its essence is good, and the foundation is very good. It’s not that all the credit for winning these games is based on the fact that South Korea can’t say that. Hayward is just a phenomenon. The level performance is short and very short. If not, there are players on his back who can catch up with him last season.

It’s on the bench. At the beginning of this season, I’ll get the main players to answer and try. That’s all. As we said in the previous programs, ah, when it comes to the Celtic warriors who lost, the Celtics can actually make some changes this season. For example, Celtic can take Jerome Brown’s home. In Shanghai, there is no need to pack up and hand over an all-star player, an all star player, a real All-Star player, Hayward. Now this contract is a poison contract. I’m not talking about the judgment we made on him before the injury and before the break of the hand, plus the club’s old value.

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George’s comeback

July 21st, 2020

We, in July and August, oh, our program in February last year, the program in February this year, right? I once said, ah, at the beginning of the season, ah, the plan of the Laker team is that the three giants are the foundation, and the goal is that if there are three giants, we can win the championship. Now, although we have not. I said, ah, at the beginning of the season, I didn’t say, pants, waistcoat, Ingram, plus two, signed to change. It was a huge amount, right? Then the Lakers were still in the doldrums. I don’t know, in the end, the Los Angeles team is not willing to take, take or refuse to accept, anyway, the deal is yellow, there is a chance in the back, take, Anthony Davis, nonsense ha, four young players all Soha, go to change Anthony Davis, I said to change quickly, make sure you don’t lose, make sure you don’t lose.

I don’t believe it. In the end, it’s a waste of the running in period of Anthony Davis for half a year. In fact, it’s not very important whether the team has pants or not, right? In summer, you can take No.14, the first four can also change for a pair of pants, and the number four can change for a pair of pants, No.4. Is that right? Similar to players, right? Well, so now you come back to the deal and prove our judgment is correct, right? The Lakers have reached the first place in the Western Conference. It’s almost right. How about these young players. Breaking up is good, but it still needs time. We say it needs time. Moreover, the skin is really bad. He can’t cultivate a good player. It’s very difficult

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