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All star competition

June 30th, 2020

The competition of the all star competition is finally over, so we update it and apologize to you in time. We also hope that the longer I do this program, the better. The main thing is to pursue the program. Well, so, let’s make it short. Let’s take a breath. Let’s go on to talk about our feelings about these All-Star competitions, skills, games, not watching, ah, three-point games. After watching them, these three players are still very good, that is, make-up lessons. Well, Duncan Robinson, ah, and don’t be too selfish, and Hilde, the champion of other players, ah, not to mention more, ah, Harris, is the same, ah, are very good, right? Focus on two players, one is not too much.

In addition, one is Duncan Robinson. Football people don’t pay much attention to him. Ah, they don’t pay much attention to him. They don’t want him to die. There may be people who know this Robinson. No one will pay attention to him. So don’t talk about things. On the way to the second round, well, the second round is very dangerous, right. As a professional pitcher, the score of 22 points is obviously not in place. In the first round, it was a very good 26 points. In this round, 22 points were cast and the state was declining. This is what happened in this game. But there is a certain chance that someone will occasionally need strength. With, strength, and some luck, then you can succeed. Don’t talk about it. It’s a pity that the Lakers didn’t get bertan before the trade deadline. It’s a pity that Sen didn’t get bertan before the trade deadline. Let’s see if there’s a chance in the coming year. Have pants? Do you want to talk about business while trading? It’s time to cut straight next year At this time. These, ah, sent? We want to focus on this program, ah, Duncan Robinson, this player is really excellent, it is really excellent ah, you can go to have a look, you can go shopping, you can go and watch his game, the special player is a tall player, he can hold the ball, he has the ability to project the earth on the outside line. It’s amazing, It can be said that it is very mature and multi-functional.

The 14th World Cup

June 29th, 2020

The outstanding performance of African teams made FIFA decide to add a seat for Africa in the next World Cup. The other three teams that entered the semi-finals were Argentina, West Germany and Italy. Argentina played against Italy in the semi-finals. Argentina finally showed the best level since the start of the game. At the beginning of the match, Italy’s new star Luis skilach scored a point in the offside position, but in the second half, talicia scored a goal back, which also broke the 517 minute goal of Italy since the start of the match, and neither side scored in extra time. At last, Argentina’s goal made goyecheya the host. Italy’s nightmare was in the penalty shoot out, He was able to confiscate the penalty kicks from Donadoni and Serena and eliminated Italy. However, jechea is not the main goalkeeper of Argentina. Because pepido, the main goalkeeper, was seriously injured, he got on the last bus to the world cup.

In the eighth finals with Brazil, a few months ago, his performance was also the decisive factor for Argentina’s victory. In the quarter finals of Yugoslavia, he was once again the Savior of Argentina. In short, his unique skill in penalty shooting was to bring Argentina into the final all the time, and the other semi-final was the German’s iron will. Beat the English. On July 8, 1990, the final scene of the last World Cup at the Olympic Stadium in Rome was repeated again. The two sides of the final were still Germany and Argentina, but at that time, Argentina had no such brilliant main force as 1986. Because of two red cards in total, Maradona was unable to play alone, while the German team was lying on the payroll and trying to live up to the challenge Under the leadership of coach football emperor Beckenbauer, matteus Bremer Klinsmann Waller and waldkoller Hasler, they defeated Yugoslavia successively.

Tang Shen recovered from his left knee injury!

June 25th, 2020

On June 20, according to US media reports, warriors star clay Thompson’s left knee has recovered and can be trained without any restrictions.

In Game 6 of last year’s finals, Cray Thompson missed all the games this season because of a torn cruciate ligament in his left knee.

Last summer, the warriors retained Tomas on a five-year, $190 million top salary contract.

This season, the injured warriors have the worst record in the league, 15-50. They are not eligible for the NBA rematch.

But the warriors now have good news. According to warrior reporter Anthony Slater, clay Thompson’s left knee has recovered and can be trained without any restrictions.

Thompson is expected to join the warriors in this summer’s Mini training camp, so as to prepare for the return of the new season.

MLB president hinted that 2020 season could be cancelled. A week ago, he said that 100% can play

June 24th, 2020

On June 16, MLB president rob Manfred said he had no confidence in 2020. He believes that unless talks with the MLB players’ union can be resumed, the threat of season cancellation will remain.

In ESPN’s “sports return” special, Manfred told host Mike Greenberg that he took back what he said on the station last week. At that time, he announced that there would be MLB games this year, and he could guarantee that, and in the future, he insisted that the possibility of the season is 100%.

Asked today if he had confidence in the return of the season, Manfred replied: “I’m not so confident now. I feel the threat of season cancellation, and it’s real. As long as there is no dialogue between MLB and mlbpa, the threat will continue. “

In addition, according to the Los Angeles Times today, the president’s office told the players’ Union today that the League will not start scheduling unless the players give up the right to apply for a hearing against the boss for violating the March agreement in the future.

Japanese footballer Miki Sato hopes to get a chance to join the NFL

June 23rd, 2020

A Japanese footballer wants to pursue his dream of playing in NFL. He especially likes two teams.

According to Japanese media reports, kicker Toshiki Sato said Dallas Cowboys and Las Vegas Raiders had expressed a certain degree of interest in him, which raised his hopes of eventually joining the NFL.

Of course, there’s a long way between “some interests” and “being invited to the training camp,” but Sato, 26, says he hopes to get the best results after a trial in March.

Cowboys and Raiders intended. I’m waiting for an invitation, “Sato said. “Cowboys can be difficult because they have three players and one of them has a big contract, but the Raiders have only two players. I think if those two don’t do well in the training camp that follows, I’ll have the chance to get invited. “

Sato is currently playing for a team called IBM big blue in Japan’s x League. He hit a 58 yard free kick before, setting a League record. He also played in the spring League in the United States last year. In addition, some Canadian rugby league teams also expressed interest in him.

“It’s a physical exercise, so I’m at a disadvantage in terms of size and speed,” Sato said. “But for players, given that they are likely to decide the outcome of the game, it’s important to play at a critical moment. This is the only place where you can play with mental strength, not just physical strength. Being a footballer removes as much as possible the disadvantages that prevent Japanese players from joining the NFL

Atlanta Falcon General Manager: the team must be better

June 22nd, 2020

Two consecutive seasons of 7-9 record makes Atlanta Falcon bear great expectation and pressure in the new season.

For general manager Thomas dimitroff, it’s not news and he hasn’t shied away from expectations.

“There are high expectations in the new season,” Dimitrov said in an interview. “Everyone knows that. No one avoids that. So do Dan and I. “

The Falcon, who is hoping to get out of two consecutive seasons of poor performance, changed their squad during the off-season of this year. Dimitrov believes these changes allow the Falcon to perform better.

“I feel like we’re definitely getting better,” Dimitrov said. “Of course, we lost some very good players.”

The Falcon last entered the playoffs in 2017. Dimitrov thinks the squad is good enough, but they need to find a way to win.

“I do believe it’s a very talented team,” Dimitrov said. “We need to continue to grow together as a team. We need to continue to work together to maintain stable performance and work together. “

Twice suffering from cancer but never changing his mind

June 20th, 2020

University stars under the spotlight are no less concerned than professional sports stars, while ordinary university players live the same life as others. At the MLB draft conference just ended, Eric orze, the pitcher of the University of New Orleans, who was chosen by the 150 times in the fifth round of the Mets, was an ordinary college player, but he was the most special one among ordinary people, because the 22-year-old had twice suffered from cancer.

University is four years old, but it’s half as short for Ortiz, who spent most of 2018 and the whole of 2019 fighting cancer. Over the past two years, Ortiz has been on the operating table many times for testicular and skin cancer. “Never say die is the most obvious label on this child.” Metropolitan draft director tanos commented on Ortiz in a video interview.

“It’s not only character, but also our appreciation for the skills of aorz.” tanos simply explained the reason for choosing aorz. “He has a strong tail and a sharp fingerfork. It’s the main way for him to match a high-quality fast fingerfork ball after the speed ball.”

After watching MLB here, you can even eat authentic hot pot immediately

June 19th, 2020

New York, the most populous city in the United States, is an international metropolis with great influence on the global economy, commerce, finance, media, politics, education and entertainment. It is one of the necessary cities to visit the United States. From the famous statue of liberty, Wall Street, Broadway, the Empire State Building, to the Metropolitan Museum, the natural history museum and the times square, all kinds of scenic spots show you a colorful New York City from different angles. Today, I takes you to visit New York from another perspective to see the baseball culture of the city.

When it comes to New York, you must think of the baseball cap with the character NY. That’s the New York Yankees cap. The New York Yankees are the most successful team in MLB history, both in terms of performance and business. The new Yankee Stadium is located at the former site of macombs dam Park in the Bronx District of New York. Once completed, the stadium has become one of the most expensive stadiums in the world. With a value of up to 1.5 billion US dollars (about 10.6 billion RMB), the new Yankee Stadium is worthy of the New York Yankees team, which has been built for more than one hundred years, won the league’s 27 world championship at most, and has the title of “team of America”.

Tatum will be the core of the team with a higher cap

June 18th, 2020

Celtic’s own choice of double exploration flowers, Brown is relatively more off the sideline, his holding attack is not particularly excellent, mainly shooting point, fast break and switch attack, occasionally in Walker and Tatum side as a wingman to undertake some singles tasks. Tatum, who has a higher talent of attacking with the ball than brown, has been idolizing Kobe since he was a kid, and he is really learning from Kobe.

Last season, because of Owen’s relationship, Tatum, who needs to hold the ball to find his own attack rhythm, has to be very awkward to adapt to Owen. In the playoffs, Tatum also behaved badly. The series against bucks indulged in inefficient singles. In the whole series, he averaged only 12 points, with a hit rate of 36.4% and a three-point hit rate of 12.5%.

Before the start of the 19-20 season, Tatum spoke in an interview about his three goals for the new season: scoring 20 points per game; being selected as an all star; reaching 90 2K at the end of the season (his initial ability value in the game is 85).

This season, the departure of hofford and Owen gave Tatum more opportunities, and he also firmly grasped the opportunities. Tatum took on 21.7% of the team’s pick and roll holding tasks this season, the whole team is second only to Walker (only 14.2% last season), 42.5% of the face frame singles (25.4% last season), the first in the whole team. In both of these two segments, his scoring efficiency is more than 70% of the league’s players.