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It is not very good for the future construction

March 24th, 2021


In the playoffs, teams, brought to the playoffs, for such a deal, such as this kind of trade for the purpose of the team is relatively few unlikely to do so, there are two bad costs, that is, will certainly lose some young players in the future.

Looking at stars and potential players, this is undoubtedly the way to kill the chickens and get eggs.

It is not very good for the future construction. Since it is a playoffs team, the far future is, er, the young players of Lotto sign, and the rising space in the future is king. All aspects of the development.

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There are not many fans who still need to go to the black

December 2nd, 2020

With the disintegration of the warriors, they will also disintegrate. I believe that there are not many fans who still need to go to the black Warriors team now. Ah, this task, the goal has not been unified, so, er, they scattered. We all separated, but we should be clear that the warriors are still some excellent teams.

This is an indisputable fact. Now, it is mainly because of Thomson’s injury problem. After Durant left, the Raptors, the warriors, then directly untie the trap and bring back to life. According to the previous judgment, if Durant stayed in the warriors, the warriors would not have any good performance in the next three or five years.

This performance will be good, and it will completely drag the warriors to death. But Durant is still good enough to uphold justice, and the operation of the Warriors is also good enough. The management of warriors is a little fierce. It’s really a little powerful. They can get rid of Durant’s burden, but they haven’t given this responsibility. They are very sad. They also signed Russell. This is a very good operation option, an educational option, waiting for Thomson’s business.

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The player’s William got a big contract from Nike Jordan in the past two days

November 28th, 2020

The player’s William got a big contract from Nike Jordan in the past two days. It’s 75 million in seven years. It’s similar to 10 million a year. This contract makes me feel surprised. I personally think that generally speaking, the number one player is.

Which, the same as their own salary, annual salary, almost the same sponsorship contract, even if it is almost the same, I will give you a few million each year to sign for 56 years, right? Seven years can also hear more than 10 million ah, I think Nike attaches great importance to this player. So obviously, ah, I personally think that Nike is a little bit anxious about this player, or the excellent players that he has lost in the past few years in this year.

Lost, ah, this library has lost Hadden, lost, lost, cool, ah, this year, Durant has lost his millet feeling, which is really a heavy loss. It can be said that the loss was heavy. Originally, Durant won the cup and got the iPhone.

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Do you have any good-looking waste of your time

October 31st, 2020

It’s missiles, team to warriors, ah, missiles to the ground broadcast. Well, this is more difficult. Er, the warriors are now the same. This is a bunch of rotten goods, right. Well, it’s all cats and dogs. Do you have any good-looking waste of your time? Oh, start to pay attention to these two games.

Ah, the Los Angeles twins in the west, the bucks and the 76ers in the East, and say, let’s talk about this game. I think it’s a more satisfactory choice or a more scientific choice. After thinking about it a few years ago It’s all important games, just two, one, right? The warriors. Ah, yes, Cavaliers.

Ah, yes, last year’s ER, there were some earphones that were not very clear. However, in the competition of the previous few years, basically, the design of this competition between the Cavaliers and the warriors this year was better than that of the western two and the eastern two.

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Which means he has the ability to be not so strong

October 19th, 2020

He can play in five seasons with a healthy attendance rate of 72 or more than 72 games every season. A healthy, proof performance, cutting is a healthy standard. If you can play 72 teams, 82 games, you can play 72 of them, so you can say that you are basically healthy this season. If you play 72 games in this game every season, you can even reach 60 goals in 65 games.

So you, this season, must be unhealthy. In five seasons, I don’t believe he can reach the three points of the peripheral long-distance casting according to this weight. Let’s look at it first. Now, but he can put in four points, which means he has the ability to be not so strong. Unlike Simmons, it is different to never vote for one. I have been running to the League for so many years, and I am not young enough to enter the league. It is not a rookie.

Right. I don’t think one of them will vote. There is a problem. Ah, at least Williamson’s knowledge of this problem is OK. At least he has a head. If we eat him, we must be sure that he will know his technology and then we can practice it slowly. It doesn’t matter how to lose weight.


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